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  • remussuede2224 April 2009
    This is a great piece of art. I have seen this film around 10 years ago when you still could "smell" and feel these pure things in the country side of Romania. Now days everything has changed in a country like Romania what losses its own identity. I watched again today "Iarba Verde De Acasa" and like from a mirror this film revealed my beautiful childhood, a world with no computers and bad thoughts. Apart from the bad communist things there was something pure in that world what will never be part of this new brave world societies. The characters in this film are so real, almost to real, and Vasile Nitescu what plays the father, is absolutely great. In fact all actors seam to don't play, they just live through these images. I have been part of that beautiful world and i think i'm not wrong saying there is no playing in this film but pure feelings. This is not only a film, is more then simple moving pictures, this is the real life. If you ever have the chance to watch such a film you'll never regret for doing it. It's one of the best of the bests.
  • Film of come back home. Ideological mark is not reduced but the film resist to critics for the science of actors to give more than the right light on a social problem but for the wise story , in which the conflicts and the clash with near reality are used in interesting manner by Stere Gulea. A social film, like many others. Great for the manner of storytelling. For impecable performance. And, today , for the nostalgia veil inspiring