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  • Mr. & Mrs. Fred Lincoln smell up the place with this 2nd entry in Metro series that ultimately found favor with third & final video directed 5 years later by James Avalon.

    Patti Rhodes-Lincoln's script concocts an unconvincing inheritance scam as story, with dying (I wish he'd hurry up already) geezer Carrington having nurses to tend to him at home, and the gals in cahoots with relatives to try and off the guy for his money. That's all an excuse for perfunctory sex scenes.

    With Celeste and Kylie Ireland, arguably the hottest stars of their day, as nurses the fiasco is all that more disappointing as each has so many fine videos to her credit. Of course Celeste drags along Woody Long for the show and a predictable final clinch, while Kylie sure looks nice with blonde hair early in her career.

    The clunk who plays Carrington is credited as "Artti Choke", and gets to cop a feel while pretending to be unconscious during a sex scene on his bed.