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9 February 2015 | lor_
Truly awful porn in-joke
My good deed for the day is to flesh out the credits and content of this forgotten XXX title, which I found in IMDb with just lead Summer Knight listed and nothing else. My bad deed was watching it, truly a horrible experience.

Believe it or not, STREETGIRL NAMED 'DESIRE' is even worse than the other bad riff on Tennessee Wiliams I suffered through recently, Tish Ambrose miscast in STREETSTAR. That '80s junker actually tried to make fun of the Blanche DuBois classic, while this '90s loser only mocks the title.

As Desire, Summer Knight is downplayed in what passes here for a script, with her gal pal Trixie (played by red-headed Trixie Tyler) the main protagonist. They're whores in trouble (mainly Desire's problem) with pimps apparently due to Desire's attempted local power grab. Any suspense generated by "heroine in jeopardy" is dissipated by the inconsequential narrative used to string together sex scenes.

A new girl named Hanaku (played by Oriental performer Hanaku, natch) has lost her home, but Jake Steed pops up to strong-arm her. I thought he would be typecast as a pimp (recalling many lousy porn videos where Jake felt the need to include amateurish music videos of himself as a pimp ego-tripping) but instead he's a cop (!), humping her and then brow- beating the hapless Hanaku until she agrees to become an undercover snitch for him out to get the goods on Ms. Desire (don't worry -this plot element goes nowhere, dropped by video's end along with all else).

After delivering some tedious exposition, Cal Jammer humps Pearl (played by Crystal Pearl) and later humps Trixie - keeping the fans waiting as to when our title heroine Desire will put out. Sure enough, Trixie returns and has a lesbian scene with Knight and the video mercifully ends, as pointless (or even more-so) as it began.

Along the way, Chuck Martino has an irrelevant f&s scene with Chrissy Ann, to pad the modest running time.

This piece of junk is the work of August West, a fine-sounding name for an auteur, but borne by an untalented guy whose THE ONE AND ONLY I have also seen, featuring several of STREETGIRL's cast members and almost as bad. For 'DESIRE' he has laid on a very noisy soundtrack purporting to represent street noise (sounds of trains included) that drowns out much of the dialog and is consistently annoying. Making matters worse, star Trixie Tyler is credited with the video's sets, as ugly a backdrop as I can recall for an "erotic" video.

One often wonders if crap like this is made badly on purpose (I wonder the same thing about many over-rated mainstream film makers like Tarantino whose cynicism is so thick you can taste it), but I conclude that hacks like Mr. "West" are simply incompetent.

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