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  • It's interesting, this was from DIC and aired on NBC during their last year with Saturday Morning. And still, "WishKid," which was similar to this show, had new episodes made by the Family channel US (later Fox Family) while ProStars just was left in the dust of only reruns.

  • ProStars is a cartoon that some consider to be cheesy, but to me, it is actually a good kind of cheese. Made by DiC Entertainment (the company responsible for cartoons like Inspector Gadget and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show), this cartoon, which is among the list of cartoons from 80's and 90's that were one season wonders (or one season stinkers, in regards to some of them), ProStars takes pro athletes Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson, and casts them as a team of heroes who are provided sports-themed gadgets by Denise and her mom, two allies created for the show. Each episode involves the three getting a video from a kid who is asking for help, and going to help them, which leads to the three going up against a villain who is causing the trouble to begin with. The final episode is different as it is basically the obligatory clip show episode, which revisits moments from the series.

    So basically, the humor is a cheesy, but good, as it usually has puns that most 90's cartoons contain, but also takes advantage of the trend of "Bo Knows" to make it wittier. Also, before and after each episode, the real Wayne and Bo (Michael never appeared in the show in live-action show, presumably because he would be too expensive) to not only talk about the episode plot, but also answer questions by kids. It's a neat cartoon that I wished continued.
  • hallerik26 December 2019
    Loved this so much as a kid. It made me a fan of Michael Jordan & Bo Jackson.