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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I guess it's a real rare gem I am going to talk about. No one seems to have seen it. It is starring Rossano Brazzi and Jacques Sernas, and it looks like, from time to time, an American crime flick. But it is really an Italian one. Even if I had caught it without seeing the credits and not knowing the actors, I would have recognized an Italian movie. The score, the way of filming and telling this story of smugglers between the french and Italian Riviera, every thing "smells" Italian neo realism in this picture. Well, why not?

    Not a bad feature, characters are quite convincing and give us good moments, adequate sequences. Some times, we can confound the players, especially if you don't know them in the beginning. If you are used to British and US actors, for instance.

    But it's worthwhile. A good crime drama from Italy.