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  • «Berlingot et Cie» is just another Fernandel vehicle, harmless but unexciting and unfunny, tailor-made for the famous comedian by his brother-in-law Jean Manse. As the story lazily unfurls, you get the unpleasant feeling to see the film being manufactured before your eyes : let's put a pinch of friendship here, a touch of emotion there, a bit of adventure as a bonus and of course three songs (written by whom, Jean Manse of course!) to be performed by the multi-talented Fernandel before the inevitable happy ending... This impression might not have been so pervasive had Fernand Rivers been more deft in his direction. Unfortunately the filmmaker clumsily announces the gags so early in advance that you see them coming like a slow train in slow motion and hardly ever laugh. One scene appears as an exception: the ranting and raving of a very stubborn Jean Témerson in a café. Although this film was made in Marcel Pagnol's studios in Marseille, it is light years away from the master's best works featuring Fernandel ("Regain", "Le Schpountz", ...). The only really good point of this inferior Fernandel comedy is the partnership he forms with Charpin. The two actors complement each other well and are fun to watch, particularly when they are at each other's throats. But, all in all, you can skip this one without any damage.