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  • sissypower18 December 2002
    An honest-to-God American road movie on a nail clip budget. Edie Falco (the Addiction,Judy Berlin,Oz,Sopranos,et al) plays a nihilistic post-feminist drifter with stunning honesty. The supporting cast & crew are clearly up to the task as well. A riveting effort.
  • sakulin3 February 2004
    Warning: Spoilers
    What was it about? Too many unexplained circumstances, above all, why are these guys attracted to this vile woman? Falco plays one of the most unpleasant female roles that I have ever seen on the screen. And she certainly isn't attractive. (SPOILERS) Who is the biker? Who is the guy who claims to be her husband? Why is she always driving other guys cars? Don't the goons who live in this fishing community have anything on their minds but sex and booze? What is she doing here anyway? How did the biker and her husband find her in this hole?

    She was telling her friends that she was leaving town but wouldn't leave. In one of the late scenes where she was telling her love sick mechanic boy friend that she was leaving, I found myself screaming at the screen for her to please leave already. A waste of time. Garbage.