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  • Ever had an idea for a film? Ever actually visualized this film in your mind? Or even already drawn some sketches of scenes and angles for the camera? I think every real film buff has; I certainly have. Documentary maker Michael Glawogger invited 12 of these individuals to tell about their film idea and not only that: he shot short fragments for them. He choose the participants carefully, thereby inviting 12 very different people and thus getting 12 very different film ideas, which range from an SM/Horror fantasy à la Jesus Franco to a Franz Kafka adaptation.

    Glawogger made it into a very entertaining documentary in which you can see 12 films at the same time, that is: Glawogger luckily choose to make the whole thing into a continuous "show". The alternative would of course have been to show the individual films one after the other but that would have meant an obligatory documentary. In his treatment Glawogger very cleverly mixes all the 12 films into à documentary, but he never forgets that the 12 film ideas and 12 individuals are the most important. Glawogger did not only stage and film the fragments (and showing that at least on this small scale he can treat very different genres), he also perfectly staged the interviewees in a set-up and surroundings which match their films.

    The documentary also reminds the viewer - well, at least this one - that his idea may be a good one to himself, but that when seeing it actually filmed the result could be disappointing. Ah, what a shame, I see all those beautiful long-legged girls dancing and then……. (8/10)