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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film started at 1988 and released in 1997, this is one of those films that was 40-50% complete but got stuck due to Dutt arrested, most of his films that released during his jail period didn't do so well. Although, after his release, delayed films like Mahaanta and Sanam released and crashed at the box office. In fact, another film of Sanju's, Safari started at around 1992 and didn't release until 1999. Like I said, most of his films got delayed and were complete washouts, didn't even make a decent opening. Sanam is an age old formula which doesn't work at all. The film is one of the worst melodramatic craps I have ever seen. The film has Dutt playing the son of a rich industrialist who gets killed in an accident. Though the movie tries to demonstrate a good twist by showing how Dutt was actually murdered but the villains fail and he returns and kills all the villains in typical Bollywood style, it fails to execute each scene properly. The movie would be fairly decent it would be only another boring romantic film but it tries hard to become an action thriller by forcing in action and also hideous comedy by some of the worst supporting actors,it falls flat. Sanju playes a role he has playen a million times, he sleepwalks through his role, he needs good roles now, not typical ones. Half of the film he is again dubbed by Chetan Shashital and in these portions, he suddenly looks like the 1990s Sanju and the first parts, he looks like the 80s Sanju, this gives you an idea of how delayed the film got. I won't bother stating more as this is an absolute crass film. Aziz Sajewal who gave Sanju Adharm(Hit) and Andolan(Flop but good) and a few other average to good films gives Sanju his worst film ever. On the whole this film fails from every aspect.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film perhaps was started in early 90s and released in 1997 after lot of problems due to Sanju's arrest in 1993. The film like Mahaanta also was another delayed film of Sanju. But Sanju only has a cameo in the film, the main lead is played by Vivek Mushran. The film starts with him joining the military. His love story with a young Manisha Koirala(with whom he was launched in Saudagar) is quite decent, though several clichéd scenes. Even Kader Khan's comedy track tends to get irritating and seems forced. In the second half, we have Sanjay Dutt introduced, his scenes with Anupam Kher scenes which are quite likable, though at times corny, The twist and turns however predictable are watchable. Direction by Aziz Sajewal is decent Music was quite popular, Maine Kal Ek Sapna is a funny number naming all heroines of that time, other songs are tuneful too

    Sanjay Dutt not having many change of hairdos in this film unlike his films releasing those days which were delayed, he does his role well though he has a short role Manisha Koirala gets less scope and is okay, Vivek Mushran is decent in his role, sadly he remained a one film wonder Anupam Kher is lovable and contributes to the fun moments Gulshan Grover, Shakti Kapoor are typical Dalip Tahil is decent rest are okay