Superlady (1977)

X   |    |  Adult, Sci-Fi

A woman's body is reconstructed after a car accident and she becomes Superlady, in search of the evil Zabor.


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Richard Mailer

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20 December 2010 | lor_
Badly made mixed-combo porn, pretending to be sci-fi
It wanted desperately to be a superhero movie, but even fantasy/sci-fi completists are advised to steer clear of SUPERLADY. This is crappy interracial XXX action with only the faintest notions of sf and zero spfx. It is merely 1977's version of what current porn fans get out of a Mandingo, Lexington Steele or Mr. Marcus video.

Jeanette Sinclair, who had only a brief acting career, is attractive enough in the title role, but needs a new category beneath incompetence to describe her bug-eyed performance. She is run over by a couple of drug-addled creeps in the film's opening, only to be reanimated into a superhuman by a government project run by of all people, R. Bolla.

She is renamed "A" and outfitted with a really cheap purple outfit, with a big gold "A" on the chest, not the scarlet letter one associates with Nathaniel Hawthorne's Hester Prynne. After she duly deep throats Bolla and another government guy, the rest of the film is devoted to interracial sex.

Little effort at plot or continuity is in evidence. She's searching for an evildoer named Zabor and hooks up twice with his black assistant Dominic. First time Dominic (played by one-shot big-dick performer Leonard Sands) is shtupping bondage girl Jenny Baxter anally, who seems to have been Sinclair's understudy here -it is bad casting as they resemble each other confusingly. In a poorly staged "action" scene, Sinclair busts through a brick wall to save Baxter. "A" tortures Dominic by twisting his penis, and he directs her to Algeria for the next segment.

Dominic is already in Algeria but comments about having been in New York, but none of this makes the slightest bit of sense. "A" is disguised in a harem girl outfit and cultural differences are put to the XXX test in an asinine gimmick whereby Dominic slits her facial veil with a scary knife, so that she can keep the veil on while giving him a blow job. I'll have to consult an expert on Sharia Law to see if that passes muster.

When she finally finds Zabor (poorly played by David Williams) he tortures "A" with a large vibrator hooked up to some electrical outlet, supposedly sapping her super powers (she'll never break through a solid wall again). He makes her watch his own creation Alpha (silent role for busy NYC porn thesp Roger Caine) have sex with a black girl. The non-ending "cliffhanger" has a narrator inviting us to watch the future adventures of Superlady -not.

Just being a fan of serials doesn't mean one can recapture their charm, the way Kaufman, Lucas & Spielberg did with RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. This movie has no charm, and zip value, unless its disembodied TCU's of interracial sex are a turn-on. Its print quality was head & shoulders above the usual shredded Dragon Art prints used by Something Weird -no idea why.

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