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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Usually reliable, Stuart Canterbury writes and directs a nothing feature set at a topless bar named The Booby Hatch. Action is cliched and uninteresting, yet a semi-sequel was also released with some cast members returning in different roles.

    Peter North narrates with flowery language but pointless verbal content, cast as boyfriend of lead stripper Kimberly Kupps. He gets to hump her on a car hood in the parking lot, but otherwise their purported romance goes nowhere.

    Skimpy plot hook is the oh-so-familiar one of such a club subject to legal rules, predictably leading to a downbeat ending when one of the strippers, the only brunette -Leanna Foxxx, is bamboozled by T. T. Boy and f*cks him after hours, only to be busted by the after-hours cop, who also arrests club owner Joey Silvera.

    Joey is big on sexual harassment of his employees, including corny casting couch action with Rebecca Wild before he'll hire her.

    Fleshing out the cast is Courtney, a tiny actress (compared to Amazonian Ms. Kupps) who has a regular customer in Steven St. Croix, not exactly her boyfriend but she does put out for him. A lesser role goes to Lynden Johnson, featured in a live lesbian sex show with Kupps.