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  • Though titled as a sequel, "Titty Bar II" brings back many of the same actors but playing new characters. It's merely an excuse for showing more sex with topheavy actresses, plus one sporting the natural breasts look -a young Asia Carrera.

    Tony Tedeschi plays bartender/bouncer, who narrates the show in world-weary tones. Story is uninteresting and ends with an extraneous sex scene and even more boring non-ending as Tony continues to describe incidents we never get to see enacted.

    Buck Adams is instantly believable as the mean bar owner, and Joey Silvera, who played the owner in the previous movie, returns now as a creepy customer who accosts stripper Danyel Cheeks in an alley outside and is serviced by her in a completely phony scene. Steve Drake is another customer with zero characterization, who gets to hump stripper Rebecca Wild.

    It's very boring, seemingly on purpose.