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  • Another pathetically poor (and intentionally/repeatedly insulting) script by Cash Markman sinks this insipid feature.

    It has two central fantasy gimmicks, badly executed. Story revolves around chemist Jon Dough accidentally inventing an aphrodisiac lotion that makes women uncontrollably horny when rubbed on their breasts.

    Jon confides in his buddy Randy Spears about the lotion and they plan to go into business together to make a million. Randy unscrupulously enlists his friend Lynn LeMay to steal the formula and the rest of the movie is six sex scenes featuring 100% big fake tits actresses.

    Second gimmick has Lynn with a secret power worthy of Barbara Eden: she can twirl around once and turn into another woman. This permits her to change into Lynden Johnson and Rebecca WIld to give the viewer some variety, while equally top-heavy Angel Bust plays Jon's wife.

    Beyond the sex, Cash's screenplay is packed with dumb jokes and endless self-referential material making fun of the movie we're watching, as he contributes literally to pushing the notion that porn movies are stupid. Of course, in his case that's true, but the in-jokes are annoying. For example, at one point a horny Dough muses that he'll never get to f*ck twice in a single day unless he stars in porn movies, like those he's seen on video by -what's the guy's name? Oh- Frank Marino, the director of "Twin Action". How amusing.

    Supposedly surprise twist ending is as stupid as the rest of the show. Cash has self-loathing concerning his chosen profession and insists on taking it out on his audience.
  • This is probably one of the silliest plots I've ever seen in a porn flick, dealing with some formula for enlarging breasts and a guy who can change shape into attractive females trying to gain the formula. It's just incredibly dumb. That said, it has some fantastic sex scenes involving Rebecca Wild and Lynn LeMay. In fact, LeMay not only gets two such scenes, but they may be the hottest of her career. The rest of the girls involved are pretty much of the "eh" variety, but between Wild and LeMay, there's at least half an hour of great material here. Big breast-lovers will have a field day here, and I heartily recommend it just for the above scenes.