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  • This is, more than anything else, just like those Playmate videos that Playboy will send you for re-subscribing. Don't let the rating fool you, this is totally soft-core. Kei Mizutani is a rather large-breasted young lass (at least for a Japanese), and quite attractive. (Those bosoms, by the way, appear to be real!) This would be a must-see for fans of Kei, but I had never heard of her. Grade: D

    By the way, I wonder if IMDb is mixing up two different items. While the cover picture would go with this, a lot of other information seems incorrect. The DVD said it was 1995, not 1990. The cast lists what look like American porn stars, but in this no one appeared on camera but Kei, and she is not even listed. The (little) dialog was all in Japanese, not English, and this was clearly a Japanese production, not American. I think this video is being confused with some forgettable porn film.
  • Kei Mizutani, one of Japan's hottest stars, frolics around various locals. Various meaning 2 places, what I'm guessing is her house & backyard. 10 scenes of Playboy type antics abound. No sex. Just Kei roaming around nekkid.

    DVD Extras: Kei's Filmography; Trailers for Weather Woman, Terminatrix, Tokyo Decameron, The Ladies Phone Club, and Sumo Vixens; Kei's Q & A; photo gallery