Ruth Whitney: Let's just try to get along.

Barbara Whitney: Okay, you go first.

Sam: Who is the idiot who ordered anchovies?

Megan Whitney: Aunt Barbara!

Megan Whitney: Could we go get ice cream?

Matt Whitney: She just forgave me for stealing a car. Let's not push our luck.

Matt Whitney: Do we have to go to school?

Barbara Whitney: Yes.

Matt Whitney: Why?

Barbara Whitney: Because I went to school.

Matt Whitney: That's a stupid reason.

Barbara Whitney: One of many you'll come across as you'll grow up.

Matt Whitney: You painted this?

Barbara Whitney: Yes.

Megan Whitney: What is it?

Matt Whitney: This Megan, is a million dollar painting.

[About a kiss]

Matt Whitney: Aren't I getting too old for this?

Barbara Whitney: When you're DEAD, you'll be too old!

Megan Whitney: Could Sam be our father?

Matt Whitney: You got a thing about pushing your luck, don't you?