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  • This show made the lives of millions of brazilian children better. I will always love it and cherish it for what it meant to me as a little one. I still have the songs on my phone and listen to them on the regular.
  • FRIENDS_tvshow11 September 2006
    Chiquititas was a hit-show/soap/musical about orphans kids who lived in a orphanage. It was in EVERY kid's life during the late 90's and early 2000's. There are two kinds of childhood: With Chiquititas and Without Chiquititas. Thank God I was part of the With Chiquititas childhood =D. Chiquititas was such a great hit that there were Cd's, dolls, clothes, shoes, posters and even magazines with its name, mostly sold out. The actors and the kids who were on it now are really famous actors and actress in Brazil.

    The most important characters were Carol (woman who took care of the kids), and the kids Maria, Pata, Mosca, Fran, Neco, Lucia, Yuri, Samuca... those are the ones who lasted longer on their 5 years run. Their music lyrics, which was about parents, growing up, going after what you really want, love, life, friends, looking after each other..., were loved by children. The "Chiquititas moves" on the clips were always copied by children everywhere!
  • This series of the 90s was one of the last great productions for children in Brazil. Even making use of an imported franchise, they succeeded in adapting a universe as 'Mexican' as this with great richness and complexity for our reality. The series discussed serious issues in a light and exciting way for children, such as adoption, death, domestic violence, depression, anorexia, autism... some subjects that were never brought up to the children because they were considered "heavy". And all mixed with fantasy, imagery, with creative and fun clips. I am deeply nostalgic and it's a pity that the children of our generation have never experienced something like that.