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  • www-yfm28 June 2015
    No words.. Absolutely brilliant. This was the movie that set P.J Antony's movie career up, that was sagging at that time. Kudos to the absolutely sweet melodies by Job- Freddy- S.Janaki combo. Yeshudas has sung the title song so well. What songs ! The picturization is absolutely brilliant. The photography by T.N Krishnankutty Nair deserves special mention. The star cast is perfect. P.J Antony, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Ushanandhini, Thilakan all of them play their roles perfectly.

    Above all, it is the Idukkikkkars - erstwhile Cheruthonites - who will be thrilled beyond all by this movie. The locations are all from down town old Idukky. To people who live abroad and have lost contact with their home town Idukky , this is a trip down memory lane. Kumaly road, Idukki Dam, Mulla Periyar, Engineering College Building, Moonnar, Aluva, you name it and you have it in this movie. It is all made easy by the protagonist of this movie being a taxi driver. And so pretty and peaceful, that was when Idukky was Idukky as we know it, not over crowded, less frenzied and relatively slow paced. Pure nostalgia. A Malayalam Bete-Noire classic.