• WARNING: Spoilers

    Chandu (Krishnudu), Michael (Randhir) and Kranti (Krishnudu) are close friends with unlike attitudes. They have different goals to reach and dissimilar philosophies to achieve them. Chandu is a down to earth guy whose ambition is just to settle down in life and take care of his sick mother. Kranti wants to become a journalist and desires to cleanse the society from all social evils. Finally Michael is a selfish guy, cheater searching for shortcuts to success. They get separated in search of their goals and catches up after six years in similar situations.

    Chandu almost reached the dream but urgently requires Rs.6 Lakhs for a surgery of his mother. Michael too needs Rs.6 Lakhs to fly Singapore while Kranti is on a killing spree clearing the anti social elements in society taking revenge against those who assassinated his ideal master Pruthvi (Rajeev Kanakala). He even had a love interest in Snigdha (Tashu Kaushik).

    To resolve their financial crisis, Chandu and Michael plan a bank robbery, complete it successfully. But this does not end their problem and indeed starts a new one which kills both of them. Then there is one strict police officer (Harshavardhan) on duty to solve the robbery case. Who killed both Chandu and Michael? How did money and time play a game with them, are core elements in the film.