Dharmendra's brother Arjit Singh Deol plays pivotal role in the film among the 5 friends.

The theme of A Few Dollars More is used as background music in the film.

Feroz Khans Apradhs background music is used in many scenes in the film.

The movies storyline is a mixture of Hollywood blockbuster Magnificent Seven and the character The Man with No Name ('Feroz Khan''s nameless character).

Prequal to Kachche Heere (1982)

The classic Sholay 1975 had some elements of this film.

Popular Villians Danny Denzongpa,Ranjit Sudhir and Narendranath had done non Villanous roles.

In the end The Godfather 1972 theme is used.

One of the Cow Boy Era type of Movie and was a Blockbuster due to multi cast and interesting story..The character of Narendranath who decides to Marry a Widow and fights for her rights was lifted by sipply brothers in Sholay .

Like Sholay ,this movie changed the success of B grade actors , Such as Sudhir, Narendranath and paintal who got back to back offers after this movie