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  • rtoac119 February 2023
    This is a Malayalam language film starring Achankunju and Balan K Nair, both legendary character actors. The supporting cast including the child performers are also extremely good.

    The film is well directed by Bharathan, based on writing by Padmarajan, a legendary combination in Malayalam cinema which is reason in itself to watch

    The film explores the theme of exploitation. Of children getting kidnapped, being used as child artistes. Of the risks of sexual abuse among children. Of patriarchal chauvinism causing abuse within marriage. Of bad vs bad competition like in a jungle over ownership of life of women as if a possession. And hence the need for civility and civil laws in society for justice and protection of vulnerable members.

    All woven into an extremely well written script with connected characters, those that you can very well identify among fringe elements of society.

    It would have been a hard watch but for the good ending. I recommend it.