Donna Summers hit Disco song " I feel love" and " Car Wash" by Rose Royce are played in the film. They play when Rajesh Khanna is scoping out victims in the nightclub.

Another version of the theme music is used as background music in the film Jhuta Sach.

The background music of the film was reused in the film Karishmaa.

The creepy background music was used 2 years later in Teesri Aankh.

RD Burman worked very hard on the background music. He got Annette Pinto and Usha Uthup to do the humming and used the genre of bossa nova.

Parts of the theme music used in the titles, was inspired by Henry Mancini's The Theif Who Came For Dinner.

The film was banned at the time as it was very bold, Rajesh Khanna played a rapist in the film.

Remake of Bhartiraja's own Tamil film Sigappu Rojakkal 1980 staring Sridevi and Kamal Hassan.

Sridevi was the first choice to play the lead which she had reprise in the original version.

original film is said to be inspired from crimes committed by Psycho killer Raman Raghav.

Background music was later used in the movie Qayamat.

The producers approached Sanjeev Kumar for the film . Rajesh Khanna ended up signing.

"Poonam Dhillon stated Rajesh was the king of romance...I have a special soft corner for Him. I was 13 years old and with a group of friends, I had gone to see a shoot of the film Karm. He spotted me amongst the group and called out to me. I was very nervous and wondered why He wanted to speak to me. He called me and told me that I have beautiful eyes. I was blushing and was also slightly embarrassed. When I joined films, although I did Trishul, which had me in a small role and then Noorie with newcomers, Red Rose was my first brush with a big film as He was a huge star. I met Him a few months back at a wedding and heard about His health. I wanted to meet Him but I was told that He is not meeting people. Today I feel so nostalgic that a true romantic star is no more. He was the king of romance and I will always remember Him for the way He helped me."

Ever eager to cash in on current news, the original slogan for the movie; "Petals from a beautiful film flower named Red Rose", was amended with the addition of the line: " Adapted from 'The Yorkshire Ripper'".

Poonam Dhillon was furious with the producers. She posed in a bathtub for some stills and later they were blown up into a hoarding and put up all over town. Poonam claimed the scene was not even in the film.

Kamal Haasan stated he did not like the Hindi remake. He found it too cosmetic and not natural like the original.