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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is an absolute MUST-SEE. At first I was quite hesitant due to its Indian nature but after seeing MITTI, I realized that the director is a true genius. Now I have seen all of P. Bhaskarans films and I absolutely adore him.


    The movie is about a young Indian prostitute trying to make his way in Bollywood, by selling himself to rich Bollywood executives (I absolutely LOVE the cameos by Chris Roock and Nancy Sinatra). One day he is discovered by a Mortinioner acting as technical consultant (brilliantly played by Maji Nhgulikanskinana) and is encouraged to help in his "Closed Door" experiments (Hence the English translation of the title). Things go awry and everyone dies, eventually leaving the innocent lead with guilt and shame (and LOTS of blood) on his hands.

    I wont get into any more details, since you should see it yourself... I will however leave the door open (wink wink) to whether or not our main protagonist survives. ENJOY!!!