Remake of 1981 Oscar winning classic film An American Warewolf in London and Cat People.

Only well received film of Rahul Roy after Aashiqui 1990.

The film was most awaited because of its unique theme.

Mahesh Bhatt wanted Kamal Sadanah for Rahul Roy's role.

Mahesh Bhatt wanted Deepak Malhotra for Avinash Wadhawan's role. But Yash Chopra advised Deepak to stay away from the film.

Deepak Parashar was angry at Mahesh Bhatt and Rahul Roy for making Junoon. He claimed he and the Ramsay Brother's first got the idea to remake American Werewolf in London in Hindi. Deepak even took trial pictures of himself with the werewolf costume on. Their film then got delayed and Mahesh Bhatt jumped on the idea and made Junoon.

Deepak Tijori was offered Avinash Wadhawan's role but he declined it as he was wanted those dates reserved to star in Jaanam. He felt Jaanam would prove his creditinals as a an actor. He was later replaced by Bhushan Patel in Jaanam.

Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt and Deepak Tijori would joke on Rahul Roy by saying they haven't seen such innocent Tiger.

The scene where Rahul Roy turns a Tiger was borrowed from Michael Jackson's 1982 hit Thriller.

Roma Manik makes a guest appearance in the song Prem Prem.

Nadeem Shravan felt that the music of the film did not do so well because Gulshan Kumar forced them to to take Vipin Sachdeva for most of the songs.

This was the unusual film from Mahesh Bhatt.

When Junoon was in the making it was said that the film was being directed by the assistants of Mahesh Bhatt.

Jo Mere Dil Mein Hain was sampled from My Favourite Things from Sound Of Music.

Arbaaz Ali Khan was offered Avinash Wadhawan's role.