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  • Made in Canada by England's ITC Network, this short lived TV drama series followed the daily investigations of two special agents who worked for the Ship Owners Association in Toronto.

    Murder, kidnapping, international espionage and foiling the movement of stolen goods along the St.Lawrence Seaway usually served as the basis for story lines.

    Good scripts, well directed and well played by all concerned.

    Regularly featured American guest stars such as Ralph Bellamy, Vincent Gardenia and Sally Kellerman.

    Has been running for years in late night and mid dawn time slots on the Nine Network in Australia.

    Sometimes listed in old program guides from the 1970s as "On the Seaway ".
  • Pretty decent series from the mid-1960s that has apparently dropped off the face of the earth, most probably due to the fact it was filmed in black and white. The late Austin Willis, one of my all-time favorite actors, was brilliant in this one.

    The prospect of having the Great Lakes accessible to immense Atlantic Ocean vessels was once thought unthinkable and put the Voyageurs and Coureurs De Bois out of business forever. This featured two special agents delving into the skulduggery of crime in the environs of the brand new St. Lawrence Seaway.

    I had the good fortune to chat with Austin Willis a few months before his unfortunate passing and he spoke with great appreciation for his talented "Seaway" co-star Steven Young. This show should go down in history as one of the best made in Canada.