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  • there is no Scilla Gabel in this movie! Unless I have a censored copy and/or an edited one the only notorious actress is Antonella Steni. Hopefully IMDb will correct that entrance. As for the movie nothing is really remarkable. Good performances come from Antonella, Eastman and all of the guys, but the rest doesn't even deserve a mention. Desert locations, tough-guys' speaking, banks to rob and Mex pueblos have been depicted too many times with much better results. The Spaghetti Western genre has been great with Leone, good with some of his followers but very bad most of the times. And this is actually the case. You won't happen to see this in your hometown I guess. Save your money, don't buy it for your home video device.
  • Chaco (George Eastman) escapes from his hanging, but he doesn't get far. A bounty hunter (Lincoln Tate) catches him, although he will get only 500 dollars for Chaco, whom he describes as a "small fish". One night, Chaco manages to trick him and run away again. It won't be the last time they met...

    Poor western on a very low budget, obviously. The pacing is awful, with a hasty beginning and a middle part lacking any development (it mostly consists of a Mexican fiesta). Camera work is good enough with some dramatic close-ups and passable night shots. A lively soundtrack by Carlo Rustichelli helps to sit it through. I watched an Italian language version running only 76 minutes; it may be damaged or missing a few scenes, but I doubt my impression would be much better for a complete version in better quality. 3 stars have to suffice this time.