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  • I've always been fascinated with the idea of stopping time, so when I saw the trailer, I was really interested in seeing the movie. Anyhow, the movie was actually really cool and had some REALLY cool ideas. I really liked the idea that they weren't actually stopping time, they were just slowing it down REALLY slow.

    The main reason I wanted to see the movie was for the special effects and I wasn't let down, the special effects were spectacular and lots of fun.

    As far as acting goes, I thought all the actors did a find job. I liked Jesse Bradford, French Stewart, Michael Biehn and last but certainly not least, Paula Garces. I was really impressed with Paula's beauty, she is a quite a beautiful woman and predict a great future for her. I can't wait to see her next project.

    As far as story-line goes, I thought it was pretty darn good and rather smart. There were a few things that I could have done without, but I can deal. One part that really struck me as odd was when he (Jess Bradford) was in the bathroom at the hospital and he was trying to get the watch (time-stopper) to work. While he was in the bathroom the bad guys slow down time and come walking into the hospital and suddenly you see Jesse disguised as a cop and then as soon as the baddies walk by Jesse takes off running. I assume he got the watch to work momentarily, but that doesn't really make sense because later in the movie he gives it to French Stewart so he can repair it and get it working again. I just think that one scene could have been explained better and it would have been quite easy to do.

    One little movie trivia tid-bit that I noticed in the film was when Francesca and Zak are having fun with the watch and she says "Make it so Number One". That is a reference to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Captain Picard always said that to Commander Riker (aka Number One). This is interesting, because "Clockstoppers" is directed by Jonathan Frakes, who plays Commander Riker in Star Trek.

    I hope you enjoyed the movie as much as I did. It's not a superb sci-fi movie, but it's fun and it's got lots of cool things to look at and some fun ideas. Thanks for reading,

  • This film is a very loose remake of the 1980 TV movie, "The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything".

    A young boy accidentally finds a watch built by his estranged father that accellerates whoever is wearing it, and whatever (or whoever) they're touching into "hypertime", which makes the rest of the world move at a snail's pace, comparitively.

    Michael Biehn plays a decent villian, although he is not allowed much developement, which is a bit sad, after his excellent work in Terminator, Navy Seals, Abyss, and The Rock.

    French Stewart (Harry from "3rd Rock from the Sun") provides the comic aspect, and was pretty much my favorite character.

    Jesse Bradford & Paula Garces do a good job, too.

    Remember, this is a kid's movie, done by Nickelodeon, so it's on a kid's level, which explains some plot holes.
  • Zak Gibbs (Jesse Bradford) is a teenager, son of Dr. Gibbs (Robin Thomas), a brilliant scientist. He wants to buy a car, but the attention of his father is to his own research work. Zak likes Francesca (Paula Graces), a new student from Venezuela. One day, Zak finds by accident a watch developed by Earl Dopler (French Stewart), a former student of Dr. Gibbs, with capability of accelerating time. Henry Gates (Michael Biehn), the villain of the story, stole this research and wants to make lots of money with this device. Zak and Francesca will face lots of adventures due to this finding. The screenplay of this film has lots of flaw, but anyway it entertains. There are lots of inconsistency in the story, but if the viewer do not pay attention to these details, may have some fun. The special effects are very reasonable. Teenagers are certainly the public-target of this movie. My vote is six.
  • When the government secretly hires a firm to produce a time-slowing device that would speed up a person's molecules so that they could travel at several times normal speed, a high school student ends up with the device and becomes the target of a manhunt to get it back.

    Clockstoppers is the first feature film from director Jonathan Frakes

    outside the Star Trek universe. The story revolves around a mysterious

    watch with the power to speed the wearer's molecules and allow him to move faster than anything around him does. Scientist Earl Dopler sent a prototype of the device to friend and college professor George Gibbs to help him perfect the device. One afternoon, the watch accidentally falls into a broken toaster where George's son Zak picks up to take with him.

    Zak has been trying to get a new foreign exchange student to go out with him. She finally agrees after he goes out of his way to stop some bullies from harassing her and agrees to have him come over to her house to help rake the lawn.

    When he activates the watch, thinking it's a stopwatch, time slows suddenly and while taking the bag of leaves to the garbage can comes across a hissing possum. He pokes it and thinks it's dead and waltzes into Francesca's house to show her what he found that was invading the trash cans and his watch suddenly ends its time and everything goes back into standard motion. The possum isn't really dead and when he tries to explain, things get out of hand.

    After figuring out what the watch does, Zak and friends go on the lam trying to escape the organization that's trying to get it back. They use similar watches, preventing him from using the watch as an escape mechanism.

    Nickelodeon films, one of the production companies behind the film, have been known for good and bad movies throughout their feature film career and have managed to stumble across both an idea and a director that works. Frakes proved his capabilities with the feature film Star Trek: First Contact, a terrific film that shines among its fellow Star Trek films. Now, Frakes has branched further into the science fiction genre, stepping away from his small screen productions. He takes a potential childish and unemotional film, blends in the right amount of scientific explanation, avoids paradoxes adroitly and keeps the film excellently paced with plenty of room for enjoyment.

    The performances are probably the weakest part of the film. Each actor does his very best to portray the characters realistically and perhaps their relative inexperience is a factor. Bradford has numerous credits to his short career, including Hackers, but smiles far too often for his characters needs and even when he's upset or angry, the tell-tale smile is nearby. Garc├ęs tries her best, but with the broken English, she feels more like a caricature than a character, but she is awfully beautiful! The same goes for the third friend, Meeker, who is around for comic relief more than for dramatic necessity.

    Television actors Stewart and Julia Sweeney, as Zak's mom, are capable

    actors in their own rights, but for Stewart, this was a step in the wrong direction as he bounces well over the top of good taste in his rather amorphous role.

    The true prize of the picture is its slow-down visual effects. Using

    technology first seen in commercials to stop the action and then using a composite image to allow actors to walk freely amongst stopped figures, was a bit troublesome at first, but as the film went on the effects were better. The most notable was the frozen water droplets hanging in air while the actors interacted with them. The effect was admirably done and important only to the magnificence of the experience.

    Clockstoppers is most certainly made for teens, but adults will be able to sit back and enjoy the film without feeling talked down to. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Clockstoppers is everything I'd hoped for... Action, some comedic moments, good SciFi, great special effects and very decent acting.

    A lot of money was spent on this movie for the effects and crew and it shows.

    There's been a few negative comments from folks who seem to forget that it is a SciFi movie made for kids and families, intended to be a good story with good effects and offend no one.

    Looking at Clockstoppers in that light, it is a big success. Compare it to The Matrix or 2001, and it falls short. No surprise, they weren't meant to compete.

    All in all, a formularic "boy meets girl/father and son resolve differences" family movie, combined with state of the art special effects make for a great family movie night.
  • The story of Clockstoppers centers around a very cute teenage boy who is good at a lot of things, extreme bike-riding with lots of incredible tricks, playing a guitar, riding a skateboard, fighting with his sister...

    His mom, played by Julia Sweeney of "Saturday Night Live" and "It's Pat" fame is a doting, (and docile) mom but his father, a college professor, is much more involved in his students' lives than in Zak's life. This causes a lot of conflict between them and Zak tries to get his father to understand how he feels. His dad looks guilty but professes that Zak is exaggerating. When he has promised to go with Zak to look at a car that is Zak's heart's desire, his dad suddenly has to go away to help an old student who is having a problem with an invention.

    The invention is a wrist watch that can be activated to put the wearer into "hyper-time". After the father leaves, Zak finds the watch and puts it on, thinking it is only a watch. While visiting a girl he has recently met, Zak pushes the button to check the time and voila! Time stops. To the viewer it appears to freeze everyone and everything else, but then you begin to notice that drops of water from the sprinkler are still falling, just falling a millimeter per second; a hummingbird suspended in mid-air is still flapping his wings, but so slowly that you can barely see the movement. However, Zak, and anyone who is touching him when he activates hyper-time is moving at what appears to be a normal speed.

    Zak is stunned at first but eventually realizes what has happened and, as a typical teenage boy, proceeds to have some fun with it, along with the girl he wants to impress! Some of the tricks they pull are hysterical and lead you to imagine what you might do if you got ahold of this watch!

    Of course, there must be an evil plot behind this somewhere, and we soon learn what that is. This leads to grave danger for Zak, his dad and Zak's new girlfriend and also provides for some fun car chase scenes.

    The movie, of course, requires you to suspend disbelief and if you aren't capable of that, skip the movie! Otherwise you are only going to spend the hour criticizing the scientific aspects of "hyper-time" and annoying everyone around you who has some imagination and is having a good time.

    The movie is directed by Jonathan Frakes, who played Commander Riker on Star Trek, the Next Generation. He apparently learned a lot during his STNG days and puts it to good use in this science fiction fun-fest. Thanks Number One. You made it so.
  • There are people out there saying negative stuff about this movie, but what people are not realizing is that is is a family movie. It's for kids and family. Jonathan Frakes did a great job directing this movie. Jesse Bradford was good as the main character. Michael Beihn was just awesome as the bad guy in this movie. Nickelodeon is just down and out awesome. I love their movies. This one had lots of really really cool special effects. great acting and lots of fun. Oh yeah, lots of action kids style too. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good family movie. Or for anyone who loves an awesome Nickelodeon movie.
  • JB-699 April 2002
    This is a fun movie for kids, I went with 7 - 8 year old kids, they loved it : with them around, it interesting, otherwise, don't go with adults, they'll find it kinda stupid.

    By the way, it's paradoxal to see a movie based on a plot very close to an old Star Trek episode ("Wink of an eye") directed by Jonathan Frakes...!
  • I'm really glad to see such a good kid movie again. The music went along great with the movie, all fun. The special effects were fantastic, (although it was "The Matrix" that re-defined bullet-time photography), those in charge of special effects did a great job with what they did. French Stewart was great! Glad to see Jonathan Frakes do such a good job and hope he'll come out with more.
  • This movie was great. There were explosions and crashes but nothing worse than regular television. The only concern was the "young love" romance scenes. Too much importance placed on each other to have "just met." Overall though it was good entertainment and kept my kids attention. It gets *******, 7 stars from me because I like family entertainment that the whole family can go to and the adults or the kids don't get bored.
  • I'm not just saying this because this is a movie to watch to waste your time; I really think this is a cool movie. It has good Sci-Fi movie quality, especially for a Nickelodeon movie. And it asks you the question, "What if you had the power to stop time?" I mean, there would be a lot of opportunities in that category. This is a real treat, and the best way to watch it is along with some Back to the Future movies. It's not the best movie I've ever seen, but it really redefines adventure. I totally recommend this movie if you want to rent something that will please you. As I have said many times with other comments, there will never be another movie such as this.
  • Clockstoppers is the best movie EVER! I was scepticall that it was going to be so good when I first heard about the movie because it was a Nickelodian movie, boy was I wrong! I went with three of my friends (we are 13) and we all loved it. The movie about a scientist(French Stewert) who invents a watch that makes time "stop". He sends a watch to a Zaks (Jesse Bradford) father (Robin Thomas), who is a scientist, and Zak finds it. Zak and a friend Francesca (Paula Garces) find out its power and decide to have some fun with it. But soon they find out a secret band of tecknologically advanced government agents are trying to steal the watch back at any extent but Zak and Francesca wont give it up and they must escape them before the agents kill them! I give it a 100 stars out of 10! Itz a must see. So go see it!
  • This movie was entertaining, Givin I was driving around looking for a parking spot for about 10 minutes after the movie started so I missed about the first 5-10 minutes. So anyway, basic story goes. He finds a watch that can "stop" time. It dosn't really stop time, it speeds you up so it seems to stop time, but time is just moving at a slower rate then you are. There was one sceen that was a little unbeliveable. One of his friends is on stage spinning, and he's trying to dance. so he hits the button and the start to move him around to make him dance. Now, for me.. its like, uhm, how is that possible without sitting there doing it for hours and hours when time is moving so slow. Anyway. bleh. yeah. That was really the only part that bothered me, otherwise it wasn't too bad of a movie. But they could have done a lot better with it.
  • I watched this movie last night with my soon to be nine year old son. He seemed to enjoy it. I, on the other hand, think I would have gotten more enjoyment from watching snow melt in the winter.

    The acting is horrible. The science fiction is lame. The only near redeeming quality is the special effects.

    If you want to watch a great sci-fi movie about time, watch "Time After Time".
  • GOOD NEWS - This had a very interesting premise: having time stopped, except for one person wearing a special watch enabling he or she to move around and do anything while everyone else was frozen in time. There were fun special-effects in here, too.

    BAD NEWS - The dialog and the humor in here was so stupid, so California-like teeny- bopperish that it was almost impossible to watch the entire film....if you are past the age of 18 or have a brain. It was filled with annoying no-name teen actors and filled with plugs for scuzzy magazines like "Cosmopolitan" and other assorted other soft-sleaze stuff.

    OVERALL - An extremely unlikeable, overrated movie unless you from the age of 11-14 and have poor parents as role models.
  • Danish_Psycho27 July 2003
    I found this movie to be an all round fun movie for everyone to see. Though the actors are far from the best I've seen, they do their job, especially Paula Garces (Francesca), who looks more beautiful than ever. What really caries this movie is the incredible effects when time stops. Anyone who has ever seen the "Charmed"-series, and then sees this movie, will know how 'time-stopping is supposed to look and how it is not supposed to look.
  • and all the scientific mumbo-jumbo, then this movie can be entertaining. I mean, it's about everyone's fantasy, to be able to stop time and do what you are doing while everyone else is frozen. Except in this movie the people really aren't frozen, it is just that the people with the stop watches are able to speed themselves up so it looks like everyone else is standing still. A pretty cool idea, but when the bad guys show up with the special watches, a bunch of plot holes show up. And it was amusing, especially the dance party scene when Zak and Francesa spin their DJ friend around, so in real time it looks like he is a really good dancer.

    FINAL VERDICT: A fairly entertaining kids movie. I think 9-13 year olds will like it, plus it isn't a total bore for adults.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not an impossibly bad movie, I didn't stop watching before the end, but I was wincing through most of it. I didn't notice the dialogue so much, I was mostly distracted by the totally unlikely physics.

    Normally I consider myself to be quite good at suspending disbelief. The thing is, I could conceive of something like a cyborg coming from the future to change the past. What I can't conceive of is the science posited in this movie.

    Fine, you can be accelerated so fast that everything else seems to be standing still. Wouldn't it be difficult to draw unaccelerated air into your lungs? Wouldn't your shoes melt just from the friction of walking? Why do the leaf-filled garbage bags fall at accelerated speed? Why are the vehicles they drive able to run at accelerated speed? When they move the DJs, the movements happen in realtime. The lead characters are accelerated, not invisible. That process would have been more like stop motion animation, ie. very tedious.

    I guess I just couldn't get past those inconsistencies. For a better timepiece-stops-time movie, find the TV movie from 1980; "The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything".
  • Jesse Bradford plays a high schooler who just wants wheels. His father is a great scientist who wants to stop time. Michael Biehn heads a company who wants the glory & profits. French Stewart plays a man who just wants out. After Bradford finds a watch and discovers it can stop time for others while not for him, he has fun at first until he discovers that others want the watch as well. The special effects are especially fun as are the colorful characters and sets. This little gem is great for the whole family.
  • I remember seeing the TV ads for this when it was at the movies, though here in Australia we never had all the TV spots with Zak and Francessca.

    I'm an oldie, yet I had a lot of fun watching this.

    I thought the special effects, were indeed special and they did quite a competent job of the slow time effects. Favourite effect was the water from the hose Francessca had. That was great.

    I wanna be a teenager again. She was quite adorable and even cute...

    If you have kids this is a great movie for them as it's fun and non offensive. You can sit your whole family in front of the TV and not find anything offensive in this movie unless you're a total sour puss.

    I enjoyed it 6/10
  • I had not taken my teenage children to see this in the theatres because it sounded too much like a remake of "The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything" from the previews. Why spend the big bucks when it'll be in Blockbuster in a few months? I was right about that part.

    So we rented it recently. It really is a good movie for the whole family to watch. My kids really liked it, and it gave us something to talk about in our family discussions - especially the relationship between Zak and his father.

    Several of the comments posted here rave about the physics of the situation, and how unreal it is. Guys, it's a movie. "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" is just another way of saying "Once upon a time". Commenting that air friction would burn up anyone in hypertime would make for a really short movie. And how do you know that QT labs didn't generate a force field with the watch to prevent friction?

    If you want to nit-pick the physics, then avoid the movie. If you want to spend some fun time with your teenage children, then watch the movie.
  • juliegi23 June 2002
    I thought this movie was fun for kids and adults. The actors are good and make the story believable. There is just enough funny and suspenseful parts to keep the story interesting. I recommend it for anyone ready to have a good time! :)
  • deathklams7 September 2005
    The previews for this movie were VERY misleading. Some critics deemed it "Back to the Future" for a new generation. To me, this statement is blasphemy. Back to the Future is a classic. The fact that people would compare it to this film is offensive. This movie was not entertaining AT ALL. Am I wrong, or are movies supposed to be entertaining? I respect Jonathan Frakes, but he made a bad decision in directing this terrible movie. Poor acting, stupid plot, and no entertaining elements. Granted, the idea that one could stop time using a watch is somewhat interesting, but the movie did not make it interesting at all. To quote Dave Chappelle as Rick James, "I wish I had more hands, so I could give this movie four thumbs down!"
  • First of all, almost entire movie is one big plot hole. I don't understand how the filmmakers can think that audience could be stupid enough to not notice how impossible this whole movie is. This movie has a story that gives rules but don't play by the rules, and I can tell you, I HATE THAT!

    Acting, directing etc... are in basic collage movie level.

    If you are 12 years old, and guys in school tells you every week that you are genius or clever (and you don't know why they call you that), this might be your movie! Otherwise avoid at any cost!
  • This is a good movie to see for all ages! It's funny, and has a good plot to it. The actors are pretty good as well. I think that this movie deserves 4 stars! If you like movies with adventure, comedy, and fun, you should see "Clockstoppers". I encourage everyone out there to see this movie soon.
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