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  • Carlo Rim was a minor but estimable comedy director;his lines are sometimes witty and above average ("what did we hear? -it's nothing!just gunshots" );he's got a sense of burlesque:in the circus,the ringmaster is proud to give his audience an extra number:the famous gangster on the lam is caught in the safety net,live!

    Robert Lamoureux portrays a shy guy,down on his luck,because he is victim of a curse: one of his ancestors stole a beetle from a pharaoh's tomb .He gets good support from Yves Robert,cast as a gangster who is none other than his childhood's chum , who reads his horoscope ("beware of people around you"),and who is experiencing withdrawal symptoms (his dealer is his ex-lover who provides him with cocaine,but he left her for another girl ).To play for time,the unfortunate hero tells him a priceless story of the beetle ,involving Cleopatra,Ceasar,Mark-Antony and Brutus ,that brute!