[Krishna has told Karna the truth about his birth and begs him to join the Pandavas in the upcoming Kurukshetra war. Karna turns down the offer, but later that day, he approaches at a temple alone]

Karna: O, Creator! Why have I been tormented like this, to learn the truth about my birth? The Sun is still the source of light to the world! My mother is still a respected queen! Yet I, the result of their union, am a wanderer... But I will never give up Duryodhana!


Karna: Do you hear me? I will never betray him! He has given me far too much in friendship! I will never betray Duryodhana!

Karna: Do you know that I have two sweethearts?

Duryodhana: Really? Who are they? If necessary, I will kidnap them to get them for you!

Karna: They are not girls, my friend - besides, I can only get one of them and not the other!

Duryodhana: What do you mean?

Karna: It is simple - one is the death of Arjuna, the other is my own death.

Bheeshma: I Devavrat, son of Ganga... In the presence of the Gods all over swear this oath that I shall never marry, I shall live childless and die childless. This is my internal oath.

Krishna: Do your duty. This is Karma Yoga. Understand it well! You can opt to do or not to do but that is the end of your right. You cannot control the result. You are an ace archer but if your target moves a little you'll miss it. You control your bow and vision but you cannot control the target. The true man does not cross his limits. Be steady and firm in your duty.

Krishna: I incarnate myself whenever truth is in danger, whenever evil threatens to overwhelm it. I come to protect the good and vanquish evil. I come in age after age to establish truth.

Yaksha: What is greatest wanderer?

Yudhishtira: The greatest wonder is that each individual knows that death is ultimate truth and yet believes that maybe he is immortal.

Arjun: Sanjay, tell this to Duryodhan in the presence of Karna if he doesn't return Indraprasth to us then he will lying dead in the battle because of his treachcery, indecency and arrogance. There for tell that fool to learn to follow the path of peace. I sware by Lord Mahadev! When my arrows start flying they will rain fire.

Bheeshma: Oh Teacher! You stand on the ground. I cannot fight you in this chariot. Wear an armour and fetch a chariot.

Parsuram: This land is my chariot, the clouds are my horses, the air is my charioteer, the vedas are my armour.