For the first season, this show was titled "Mogul" (after the oil company around which the series revolved). This was changed to "The Troubleshooters" from the second season onwards.

The survival rate of the series in the archives is rather hit-and-miss: from the first season, six episodes are presently known to survive, as with season four. Thereafter, there are fifteen episodes of the second season, and two apiece from the fifth and sixth seasons. The final season still survives intact. Mogul: Camelot on a Clear Day (1970) is the sole example still preserved on its transmission format of color two-inch videotape, the remainder being monochrome 16mm film recordings. Additionally, a remount of Mogul: You're Not Going to Believe This, But... (1969) was made on color film as an experimental test piece with a different cast, though this was never broadcast.