Even when she was being shot from the waist up, Kim Cattrall insisted on wearing heels. She said it made her feel more like Samantha.

The medicine cabinet in Carrie's apartment was first spied by Sarah Jessica Parker at a flea market shortly before filming began on the series. She and Matthew Broderick didn't buy it, but reconsidered. When they went back, the cabinet was already sold to "some television show". When she showed up for filming, the medicine cabinet was there.

The early episodes of the show had characters looking directly at the camera lens and commenting on the events in the story. This element was dropped in later episodes.

The first cable series to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series.

The naturally blonde Cynthia Nixon dyed her hair red to play Miranda on the show.

Sarah Jessica Parker had a clause in her contract for this show stipulating that she will not do any full nudity. This is why the audience never sees Carrie in anything less than underwear, whereas all the other main female characters have been filmed in much less.

There are only eight episodes in season five, due to Sarah Jessica Parker's pregnancy.

Sarah Jessica Parker spent up to eighteen hours a day in heels playing Carrie.

The first dog who played Pete was scared of John Corbett, so they had to get a new dog.

Kim Cattrall turned down the role of Samantha Jones twice before being convinced by Darren Star's boyfriend to give it a try and shoot the pilot episode.

The ballerina tutu that Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing in the opening credits cost only five dollars from a vintage store.

"Jules & Mimi", the bi-racial sexually charged BBC series that Miranda recorded and watched religiously on her TiVo, is not a real show. Paul Lee, CEO of BBC America, quipped to Jack Myers Report, "We should commission Jules & Mimi. It would be the first time a scene in a sitcom has inspired another show."

Although Carrie says her address is 245 E. 73rd Street in Manhattan, the actual exterior of her iconic brownstone apartment is 64 Perry Street in the West Village. You can visit the apartment, but a chain blocks people from going up the steps, as it is a private residence.

From the first season up to the twelfth episode of the fourth season, in the opening credits, Sarah Jessica Parker's name was shown with the World Trade Center towers behind her name. After the terrorist attacks on the U.S. of September 11, 2001 and the collapse of the towers, her name then appeared with the Empire State Building in the background. The same thing happened with the show's main title.

Natasha nearly always wears white. This is to convey that her personality is "vanilla".

During the course of the show, all of the characters move into new apartments, except for Carrie.

The part which ultimately went to Matthew McConaughey in season three, episode thirteen, "Escape From New York",was originally written for Alec Baldwin, who declined. The producers then contacted George Clooney who, although was interested in it, couldn't do it. The script was then sent to Warren Beatty, who also declined.

Cynthia Nixon does not have pierced ears. All of her earrings on the show were clip-ons. Sometimes the costume designers would send away earrings they liked to a jeweler to make them clip-on earrings.

The first name of "Mr. Big" (played by Chris Noth) is revealed only in the final episode. His whole name is learned in the follow-up movie Sex and the City (2008).

Showrunner Michael Patrick King admitted that one of the main reasons behind the love story between Carrie and Aleksandr Petrovsky is that he was sick of the fans complaining of how Mr. Big was older than Carrie, so he decided to pair her up with a real older guy.

Carrie asks ninety-two questions in her columns throughout the series.

The show became so popular that a tour was set up to view the New York City locations of the series by bus.

The exterior used for Carrie's apartment at 64 Perry Street, which is a 4,000 square foot, five bedroom townhouse, was sold to anonymous buyers in 2012, and again in 2013 for $9.85 million and $13.25 million, respectively.

Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in My Body, My Child (1982).

Since the show ended, several television channels air marathons of this show as a counter-programming to the Super Bowl match, which, as of 2014, still draws strong viewership.

Was shot on 16mm film for its entire run. For the sixth and final season, 35mm film was requested, but turned down by HBO, due to the increased cost.

Cynthia Nixon was pregnant during season four. Her baby was born in 2002.

In the books, Charlotte's last name was Ross.

Julian Wells worked as an uncredited body double for Kim Cattrall for two seasons of this series.

Charlotte's wedding dress (to Harry) is by Badgley Mischka.

Samantha is the only one of the four leads to never have a family member make any kind of appearance in the series. Family members of Charlotte and Miranda appeared, and Carrie's father is shown once in photographic form. They do mention Samantha's mother once when she gets the flu and Carrie helps take care of her by making her mothers childhood remedy.

The first cable series to win a Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Comedy, back in 1999. It won not only that year, but the following two.

Michael Patrick King tried to surround himself in the writer's room with women who were single.

Kristin Davis was offered the role of Carrie Bradshaw but she turned it to down to play Charlotte York.

In season 1, episode 3, the girls meet in front of a poster for the movie Godzilla (1997). The star of that movie is Sarah Jessica Parker's husband Matthew Broderick.

The series finale's last scene ends with the song "You Got The Love", and so does the Gossip Girl series finale's last scene.

Ted King, Jason Lewis, and Victor Webster played roles on this show, with whom "Samantha Jones" had been. They appeared on Charmed (1998) as well.

Sarah Jessica Parker just Reported a 'Big Movie Star' for very Inappropriate Behavior on 'Sex and the City' Set. The following Vulture Magazine article describes this as it was reported to various media outlets: "Last weekend, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker went on Fresh Air to promote the third season of her current HBO show, Divorce, and wound up recalling that she was once harassed on set (of which project she didn't say) by a "very, very big movie star." This came up in the context of a larger discussion about how the #MeToo movement has recently caused her to reassess her experiences working in the entertainment industry over the past few decades, and all the misogynist conduct she has endured. The actress told host Terry Gross: It really wasn't, I would say, until about six or eight months ago that I started recognizing countless experiences of men behaving poorly, inappropriately, and all the ways that I had made it possible to keep coming to work or to remain on set, or to simply ... just push it down, push it away, find a little space for it and move on." Parker recalls that she reported it to her agent; and her agent told the producers "this behavior needs to stop or she will get a one way ticket out of that city, pronto." Allegedly then, the problem was resolved. Parker never said who the star was.

One of the guests at Lanie's baby shower in Season 1, Ep 10 (woman eating a piece of cake, describing how she used to run a company but now just yells at the gardener) also plays another/different character in Season 2, Ep. 13 - Carrie's therapist, Dr. G.

Donald Trump made a cameo appearance in season two and, by coincidence, he presented Cynthia Nixon her Emmy win for the last season of the show.

According to casting directors Ellie Kanner and Russell Gray; Carrie-Anne Moss, Lisa Edelstein, Melora Hardin and Brenda Strong were once in the running for Carrie Bradshaw.

This show is often called Sex in the City. However, people may be confusing Sex and the City with another similarly titled show Caroline in the City. Both shows feature female lead characters. Both shows aired in the 90s, though Caroline in the City ended in 1999.

Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) & Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) were both pregnant during season 5.

The back of Miranda's skirt in season six, episode eleven, "The Domino Effect", is fake.

Carrie's name is an inverse of the other women on the series. While she has a short first name and a longer last name, her friends have the opposite naming scheme.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper, and Gretchen Cleevely appeared in Failure to Launch (2006).

Season one, episode one is called "Sex and the City".

Both times Carrie and Aiden broke up, she was wearing a white dress and Aiden was wearing a tuxedo. Signifying how, in theory, marriage seemed like a good idea, but it was not right for Carrie.

At the end of the series, Charlotte and Harry decide to adopt a child. In real life, Kristin Davis has one adopted daughter named Gemma Rose Davis.

Charlotte's wedding dress (to Trey) is by Vera Wang.

Michael Patrick King, during a commentary of the third season, stated the reason he did not want to bring much of the four main characters' families into the show was to maintain the focus being centralized on the four leads. In fact, when Charlotte gets married the first time, her father's face is barely even shown as he walks her down the aisle.

Justin Theroux plays two different characters on the show, season 1 and in season 2. Both times interests to Carrie.