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  • Ryo Saeba calls himself a "sweeper". When you have trouble that needs to be cleaned up, when you need an "equalizer" you can hire the City Hunter by writing "XYZ" on a certain bulletin board in the rough part of town. Ryo will do "hits" or he can provide bodyguard services. He is an expert marksman and is proficient at hand-to-hand combat. His only weakness: pretty girls. Ryo is his own worst enemy when it comes to women. He can't help but act like a playboy. Luckily his partner Kaori is around to keep his lust in check. The series is mostly serious but is broken up by Ryo's inappropriate actions towards females. In situations like that Kaori pulls a giant hammer out of nowhere and smashes Ryo flat. I assume that recurring gag means that she is actually punching him in the face. On rare occasions Ryo did get to meet a pretty woman who wouldn't run away.

    This classic was shown at a local anime club and the first TV series is available in the US from ADV. Don't forget to look for the yearly specials that came after the TV show ended. Also check out the live-action Jackie Chan version.
  • For anyone who has seen the American TV series "The Equalizer", this series will be quite familiar. The plot is simple. As with The Equalizer, a former assassin has retired to a city apartment where he rents out his services to people in dire trouble who can't help themselves, usually without receiving any payment for his efforts.

    Where City Hunter differs is the addition of absurd humour. Kaori Makimura, assistant to Ryo Saeba (aka City Hunter), acts out her jealousy by producing 100 tonne hammers out of thin air, and using them on Ryo when his libido gets out of control. Considering that Ryo will only take on female clients, that's always.

    City Hunter is one of the few anime series that can be enjoyed equally by male and female viewers. Like any series, it has its weak episodes. But when it's good, there's nothing better.
  • Ryô Saeba (Nicky Larson in the French version), AKA City Hunter, a great killer, detective, bodyguard, and so on. In one word, a great sweeper. But he's not the perfect hero, he has faults too, and I like that. Kaori (Laura Marconi), Ryô's partner, with his big hammer which stops Ryô when he "attacks" a woman. Saeko Nogami (Hélène), a beautiful police inspector. Umibozu (l'Eléphant, Mammouth), a sweeper, Ryô's friend, they always fight against each other. To sum up, some great characters for a fantastic story ! First, it's a great comic by the wonderful Tsukasa Hojo (Cat's Eye, Family Compo, Angel Heart, ...), the best author of manga ever. The anime is good, but a bit censored in the French version (it takes place in a children's TV program). It's a pity...