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  • In California, the construction worker Dan Mata (Antonio Guzman) and his fiancée Ophelia Ramos (Seidy Lopez) have exhausted their intense sex life and now they have crossed the line of their fantasies with threesome and other type of kinky sex. On the Valentine Day, Ophelia has sex with her boss Dr. Scott Lunwitz (Bob Zachar) expecting to please Dan that actually is disturbed with the situation. He expels Scott from their house and argues with Ophelia that leaves their house too. On the next morning, Dan finds Ophelia in the house stabbed three times on the chest and he does not know whether he had killed her or not. His brother Jessie Mata (Mario Lopez) dumps her body in the site where they are building a house and Dan is surprisingly visited by Monica Stienman (Barbara Niven), who introduces herself as a psychologist and detective and friend of Ophelia. She tells that Ophelia had called her upset with their argument and she offers her services to Dan that questions later whether he shall confess the murder of Ophelia or not.

    "Depraved" is a low-budget erotic thriller with a plot that is silly and predictable, but the lead actress Seidy Lopez makes it worth a look. The acting is reasonable and the purpose of the story is only to offer situations to undress the sexy Seidy Lopez. Considering the budget and the intention of this production, it entertains in the end. My vote is five.

    Title (Brazil): "Depraved"
  • One's first impression of this film is that it is just another "skin flick" with a lot of sex just to excite. The film deals primarily with the problems that the main character-Dan Mato (Antonio Guzman II) is having getting sexually aroused. This role is performed very convincingly by Guzman. Overall, the movie is well acted,photographed, and directed. Not one of the years 10 best, but very much above what one expects from a film dealing with sex as its only subject.
  • This is probably this worst film I've seen and reviewed in some time. It starts out with some steamy sex scenes and then goes down hill from there.

    Our lead Antonio Guzman has a real 'growing' problem concerning relations with women. He meets and dates a woman from a dating service Seidy Lopez and they start experimenting with all kinds of new ways for increasing pleasure on the fantasy level. It gets out of hand and Seidy winds up real dead.

    And then our boy Antonio gets involved with a sex crimes cop who doubles as a psychotherapist. I mean puh-lease.

    I cannot believe this was the best film offer that Mario Lopez got after Saved By the Bell. No wonder he's doing game show hosting and ballroom dancing.

    Pass this one by folks.
  • Yeah, there are some low-budget glitches. In spots the sync is so off, you wonder if they were originally speaking Spanish and then dubbed.

    But, the film is saved by the acting... and the writing.

    A. You know, sometimes I think we're really sick and depraved. B. You say that like it's a bad thing.

    Sure, there's lots of (soft-core) sex. And a "surprise" that's as predictable as the rising sun. BUT, the superb acting (especially by the male & female leads) and the laugh-out-loud writing make it worthwhile. Come expecting a great college film, you'll be pleased. Come expecting Gone With The Wind, you'll be disappointed.
  • I don't think I have ever seen a worse movie. Plain and simple, this is a turkey.

    The film started out with what might have been an interesting premise. A couple get together and then explore lots of different ways to spice up their sex life. OK, so that plot has been done a lot of times, but at least it has the chance of being at least a little bit interesting. Unfortunately, this film quickly departs from that plot and turns into a murder mystery. And guess what, the main character hooks up with the Sex Crimes Detective who is also a Psychiatrist.

    Don't waist your time on this bomb.
  • Good acting by the two leads, particularly Seidy Lopez -- very real, very believable. Because the cast is limited, and we know that there has to be a plot twist, It's not too hard to predict the "twist". But the relationship between the two leads is excellent.