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  • I'm a Gundam fan not a hard core one mind you, what I may say may seem controversial but it's my opinion. "Gundam 08 MS Team" is my favorite series in the franchise and is one of my favorite TV shows in General.

    The animation style as usual is great I really like how the warfare was conducted and choreographed making it suspenseful and strangely realistic more than just relying on just mere fighting and technology but on tactical surprise, much reminiscent of Vietnam. It's a first time showing mecha engaged in jungle warfare and they did it well from the use of darkness and plant life. You get a sense on how hard it could be to fight in an enviorment that obscures your vision and it adds to the creeping feeling of paranoia never knowing where the enemy will hit. The music is great it has one my second favorite theme for the franchise.

    But that's just one of the positive qualities of the show, what made this Gundam unique from the others was not so much that it was plot driven, even though there is a plot and it does suspensefully develop but that it was character driven by it's main focus on two characters Shiro and Ayna one of my favorite anime couples. It's sort of a Romeo and Juliet story Gundam style but don't fret on being melodramatic which it's anything but, the romance is handled with believability, subtlety and humanity; it's also a long distance romance story which are never my favorite kind but this is one of those rare exceptions I make because of the length of the show, the interaction time both have which I felt was believably sufficient, and the depth of both characters.

    It's easy to see how both could fall in love for one another because both are slightly similar despite on opposite ends of the spectrum. Their naive but sweet souls that have done no wrong except love each other. Shiro is a young commander whom despite his age is mature, does believe in what he's doing, but is open minded and has compassion and idealism in him. It's the same with Ayna whom is slight younger than him, she's sweet, pretty, smart, and just as compassionate and idealistic. Both deserve each other from that chance first encounter when both met sealed their fate but as cruel as fate is sometimes both get separated due to the opposite sides their on. It's a bittersweet relationship as both of them always carry that looming threat that the next battle their in they might blow each other away which at time they almost do. It's all a suspenseful build up on when and if they'll get back together, we want them too because their right for each other it doesn't matter who they are. That's another thing I love about this couple is that there's a universal sensibility about them, both could be of different races, class, religion, or disabled.

    Indeed we see things do get out of control for both sides, from Ayna's brothers's obsessive need to complete and use the new weapon. And Shiro begins to see the corruption going on with the Federation, from breaching their own ethical boundaries and sickening determination to win. Both sides do stupid and unneeded things to one another but worst of all themselves.

    This show has an anti war message, there are times to fight but there are times when someone needs to blow the whistle to say enough is enough, and that ongoing and misguided violence will result in nothing. But most importantly to be human don't be a person that follows orders all the time.

    Yeah war isn't simple, but love and peace is even harder.

    Rating: 4 stars
  • Unlike most other Gundam series, which take up their majority of their time in space, 08th MS team is 95% ground-based. This thrilling, well-animated OAV series focuses on the 08th MS team, a group of pilots who have limited mass production Gundams for Ground use. Their goal is to search out a Zeon research base holding a powerful mobile armor. However, problems start to emerge when the team leader falls in love with the pilot of the armor. The OAV has some of the best animation in Gundam-there's a lot of movement and detail. The mecha designs by Kunio Ookawara and Hajime Katoki are great-Ookawara gives Gundams and GMs a tank-like feel, while Katoki redesigns classic Zeon mobile suits for the 90's. The story is well-done, with convincing characters and a fully realized love story(Much better than the half-hearted romances in 0083 and Wing) Overall, a great series, I suggest you check it out when it comes to video/DVD next year.
  • This particular series is one of the best Gundam anime work created. A deviation from the usual over the top emotional display and excessive fighting dynamics, 08th team MS Gundam tackles with some serious issues.

    The portrayal of ensign Shiro Amada as a "newbie" is realistic and the depiction of the turmoil he faces in the face of war is very well shown. The beautiful Aina Sahalin character is a perfect blend of courage, intelligence and she asserts herself when necessary.

    The romance between the central protagonists has been dealt adeptly,and all other characters are well rounded, where they display excellent yet accurate picture of human emotional response.

    A must watch for anime lovers!
  • The 08th MS team features two hopeful romantics from different sides of the conflict. Aina, the Zeon officer, and Shiro, the Federal Forces' new pilot, meet in a battle in space, throughout the 12 episode series (and one "movie") the two debate their love for each other while trying to come to grips with the war that surrounds them. It features a Romeo and Juliet romance and unbeatable animation. By far one of the best to hit American Shores. Suit Up!
  • I just re-watched 08th MS Gundam for the 2nd time. It is so much better than Gundam Wing. I can't wait to get the DVD and see what was edited out of the series. This is great to see the Gundams actually move about clumsily through the land. Somebody really thought over writing this move script.

    See this today,.
  • This Gundam series only follows Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory. The story takes place during the same time line as the original Gundam in the year U.C. 0079 the time of the One year war, but the mobile suits are designed as new models are and are as a result look more articulate. The Hero of the story is a young Lt. Shiro Amada, who may lack any real combat experience but makes up for it with creativity and effort.

    His life get complicated when he meets Aina Sahalin a Jion ace pilot (the enemy), the to end up falling in love and begin to change their attitudes about the war around them. The other cast of characters in the story are not there for background either, every one in this story has a history to them.

    There is also another Ace mobile suit pilot in this series that can be added into the pantheon of ace mobile suit pilots. Right up there with Char Aznable and Anavel Gato is Norris Packard, not the top villain in this series, but his presence give the 8th mobile suit team a hard fight. 3 of them against Norris and his single MS-07B Gouf custom mobile suit.

    In conclusion This Gundam along with Stardust Memory is a must see!!
  • Anime has a large variety of characteristics, and among the more under-appreciated qualities are that stories tend to emphasize character interplay with an often striking level of sophistication.

    Such is the case with this 1996 anime series focusing on war between Earth's Federation and a rebel empire known as the Zeon. The focus is on two characters, Shiro Amada, a lieutenant of the Federation who, after an attack on a Federation troop ship in space, winds up flying a mobile armor suit into battle against his attacker; the battle somehow goes wrong and both Amada and his enemy are floating in the remains of a destroyed battlestar; Amada's enemy is a Zeon officer, named Aina, and when the two cross swords in the weightlessness of the abandoned warship they get to know each other, and begin to form a friendship.

    Both must go their separate ways and are eventually rescued. Later, as the Earth Federation - called Feddies by the Zeon - and Zeon struggle on the planet itself, Amada and Aina meet again in battle, and again fate forces both to cooperate, this time in the deadly frost of a mountaintop. Once again their friendship begins to blossom, and once again fate takes them their separate ways and to eventual rescue.

    Both young officers face grave controversies as a result of their encounters. For Shiro Amada, Feddie honchos suspect him of being a Zeon spy, while Aina finds herself clashing more and more with her brother, Zeon commander Gineus, who is obsessed with completing a super-weapon called the Apsalus - even to the point of double-crossing his own officers to get it finished, with his favorite method of doublecross being high explosives.

    There is plenty of action involved, and amid the combat, there is a striking moral dilemma involved. Though the Earth Federation are notionally the good guys and the Zeon betray a sinister hue that makes them the notional bad guys, ambiguity pervades the entire conflict - just who IS in the right here?

    It is a question that plagues both Amada and Aina to the point they both turn against their nations, leading to a final confrontation on a vast mountaintop when the Apsalus appears and opens fire on Feddie forces.

    It all leads to the very best scene of the entire series, a scene played out against an oppressive glow of white light.
  • When I first checked out this chapter of Mobile Suit Gundam on Toonami years ago,I have to say this chapter of this show was even better than the first one.I only got to see some of the episodes,but not all of them. I had to get this series,and that is what I did. But when I bought the series after getting advice from Voice Actor,Michael McConnohie,he was right. It was enjoyable,and I really got into the series. It had a good storyline,and some of the best Gundams since the first. The characters I liked in the show are:Kiki,Shiro,Aina,and Norris.But however,this show is one the best chapters in the Mobile Suit Gundam series. So in closing,if you liked the first chapter of Gundam,then see this one.It's the best.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first episode of this series is amazing and leads into what had the potential to be one of the darkest and grittiest gundam series ever created. War in the trenches. Robots shelling each other for hours. People dying right and left. But no... Amazingly enough, despite focusing entirely on the grunts who don't even get the good gundams (Amuro had an RX-78-2, Chris had an RX-78-NT1, these guys had RX-79s and RX-79-EZs). It was like they were the guys in Panzer IIs while everybody else got Tigers and Panzer IVs. But no, no one dies. In fact, fewer characters die in this than in any other Gundam series, amazingly enough. You'd think this would be like Hell is For Heroes with Robots, but instead it's more like Last Flight of the Memphis Belle. It also lacked the testosterone drenched eye candy that made 0083 worthwhile. One can only guess how this show was supposed to look, but after the death of the director, this OVA became a bungle job that lasted 2 and a half years because they just couldn't figure out what to do with it and had to get it out somehow. Another epic that never was.
  • When I saw this film, it reminded me of all the greatest dreams i had (mostly filled with robots)

    I can relate to Eledore's problems and I have a similarity to Shiro, and this is a great film to watch (if you're a Goth who is bitter and eccentric like me!). All in all, watch it before it's out of print!
  • Sure, I will write a review, maybe a short one, about Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), which is seemingly the worst Star Wars film ever. But, for now, I'd like to get into the Gundam franchise. I already made a list about the best Gundam releases. However, not all of them are all they're cracked up to be. Well, first of all, instead of watching the original series, I'd recommend watching Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, and Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. I think that these are the best of the best of the Gundam releases. Yoshiyuki Tomino, with his 1979 original series, may have started the franchise, but it's admittedly a rather dull series, for the most part. Tomino is fine at showing the realities of war, and he knows his science, but his direction doesn't make the original Gundam a truly compelling series. If you compare the Gundam franchise to other giant robot anime series, you'll see that not one of the Gundam releases reaches the heights of The Vision Of Escaflowne, Neon Genesis Evangelion, or Macross Plus. Still, the four Gundam releases that I listed are very good, and I'd recommend them to anyone.

    In the 1980s, Japanese animation was lower in quality than American animation or Soviet animation. But some of what Japanese animators made in the 1980s is very good and original. Anime became even more popular in the 1990s. More quality releases appeared as well, in part because the quality of animation improved. But, in the 2000s, anime began to turn into repetitive, unoriginal schlock. Judging by user comments, I see that some people are smart enough to realize that this is the case, that the anime industry in Japan is producing unoriginal schlock now, similar to how Hollywood is producing unoriginal schlock now. In this environment of creative stagnation, releases that are good and original are rare.