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  • Jean-Claude Roy would become ,later on, a specialist of the porno movie as Patrick Aubin; in this film ,there's a forerunner :a strip tease scene ,the only daring thing in what is a harmless vapid work.

    Filmed in color with wide screen,which was very rare in the French fifties: it's to throw pearls before swine,because it's a bomb, a nothing movie.

    Boy meets girl whose bike has a flat tire : he drives her to Paris for she intends to visit the French capital ;As far as the screenplay is concerned ,there's nothing else to add : Paris by day,with La Concorde ,la Madeleine ,le Sacré-Coeur ,and mainly , which predates Roy's future "career ", Paris by night with Moulin Rouge,French Can Can , the above-mentioned strip tease .......and an appearance by Charles Trénet.

    One can save a good gag: a bum (why did Jean Tissier get involved in that business?)steals an angler's wallet, then takes it back to his owner and gets a reward !Crime does pay!