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  • This is an overlooked gem. Too bad it didn't get wider distribution. Monte Markham delivers a wry, ironic performance that almost tops James Garner in "Support Your Local Sheriff." And the pert and perky Tondea Kay Willis is hilarious and winning as Trilby, the girl who wants to win his heart but nearly blows him up. Her comic performance is very reminiscent of Lucille Ball at the top of her form. If you can find it, this is definitely a wonderful comedy western to check out... and cherish.
  • my favorite flick for distraction.... have a copied version of it from tv... never have been able to find it elsewhere... but would like to purchase. . . the film is ripe with dialogue which is so fitting with many of real life's situations. . . the film takes it to the absurd, but the absurd exposes the subtle in all of us.
  • This is a very, very funny Western comedy, along the lines of "Support Your Local Sheriff" starring James Garner. Monte Markham is no Garner, but he plays the lead role with subtle wry wit and hilarious understatement. Tondea Willis is hysterically funny as the persistent, but clumsy, girl who pursues him and nearly blows him up with, of all things, rabbit stew. It's surprising she didn't go on to become a big star. She is a talented, beautiful comedienne. Tony Bowers, who directed, is the son of famed writer William Bowers, who by coincidence, also wrote "Support Your Local Sheriff."
  • I agree with the other reviewer I would LOVE to have this on dvd or bluray. The scene where the old sheriff recount "the old days" while the deputy mouths the exact words was hysterically funny as was the exploding stew.