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  • staceym18 August 2000
    I saw this before I read the Jilly Cooper book, so had no comparison, and I liked it very much. The plot is amusing, and sometimes highly superficial, but Stephen Billington makes a perfect Lysander, and Hugh Bonneville is delightfully cuddly as Ferdie - bless!

    All in all, despite the characters being too sexy to be true this is a pleasant enough romp through the Rutshire countryside and a few hours of pure escapism.

    Get the girls round, have a bottle of bubbly and a great big gateau, sit back and enjoy
  • Enjoyed the film very much and as yet unable to find out the name of the classical/operatic piece that is sung in the rehearsal scene. If anyone can tell me please i would me very grateful.I do believe it sound a bit of a Puccini piece but not familiar with it. Perhaps it was written just for the film but again i'm not sure. In the credits it does say original music by................... but do does this mean that it is not a proper piece of music in the sense that it was a Puccini or Beethoven piece etc./.....I do look forward to anyone offering feedback on this and would me grateful. Thank you very much, from a lover of classical and operatic music