Stevie: What kind of woman would beat her plastic doll?

Crabby Woman: You're not my doctor!

Stevie: No.

Crabby Woman: Who are you?

Stevie: Me?

[unrolls piece of tape]

Stevie: I'm the tape man.

[ah what is life, if not to dance]

[Zorba the Greek]

Stevie: Ah, the way!

Stevie: You didn't miss... You hit everything!

Stevie: You know, you and I are a lot alike. Friedrich would be proud.

Angelica Chaste: Friedrich wouldn't give a damn, Rosellini.

[both pull out and cock their guns]

Angelica Chaste: Seems mine is bigger than yours.

Stevie: Size doesn't matter.

Angelica Chaste: Oh, yes it does.

Stevie: You mean those girls have been lying to me all those years?

Nick: Who the fuck is this girl, Bruce Lee?

Stevie: Nah, she's better than that. Chuck Norris.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Stevie: He's alive.

Stevie: [shouts while hitting Tony with a newspaper in the head and chest] One to the head, one to the heart. One to the head, one to the heart. What did I teach you?

Angelica Chaste: Doctors wanna lock *me* up.

Tony Greco: You got me walking around a parking lot squirting at people!

Stevie: Damn, I missed her. What'd she look like?

Tony Greco: What'd she look like? She looked like a broad.

Stevie: What d'you mean? She's fat?

Tony Greco: Naw, she's not - not that kind of broad. The other kind. She's a broad, she's a woman.

Stevie: You mean like a dame?

Tony Greco: Well, yeah, like a dame. I guess you could say a dame.

Stevie: How about like a chick?

Tony Greco: No, she didn't look like a chick. She looked more like a broad. That's why I said a broad.

Stevie: Oh yeah, that helps me. You're very observant.

Tony Greco: Are you serious?