Dinner Party at Six (1998)

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28 April 2017 | lor_
Lifestyle porn, with good integration of racial themes
Sean Michaels, working from a fine George Kaplan script, fashions an interesting social porn feature in the vein of Paul Thomas's great '90s work with this party-set drama. Other than various continuity problems, it's a winner.

Industry gave it an insulting award as "Best Ethnic-Themed Video", acknowledging not the issues raised but merely the interracial sex content. Twenty years later, Adult Video has not progressed any further, as stereotypes continue to be underscored in the very popular "huge black cocks impaling petite blonde girls" genre at the top of the sales charts.

Michaels casts himself as Matthew Connors, attending a party for his bride-to-be Julia (Jacklyn Lick) with her relatives and various friends attending. Key plot and themes are introduced by two supporting players: the bride's racist sister-in-law Marian (Morgan Fairlane) who bad mouths the forthcoming miscegenation with Sean, while hypocritically bedding down Guy DiSilva for some IR action of her own; and Mr. Marcus as Sean's long time buddy from the 'hood, who resents quite vocally what he perceives as a betrayal by Sean of his roots.

That main issue relating to Black nationalism and rejection of assimilation fully into a White dominated society is carefully raised by Kaplan's script, and well-acted by the cast, when they aren't having sex with each other. In today's all-sex, gonzo Adult Entertainment mode, such matters are merely swept under the rug and not addressed at all, while pornographers smugly present ever bigger black cocks and ever younger-looking & demure white actresses for some intrinsically "taboo" sex scenes, while listening to the cash register go ka-ching!

VCA star Chloe is hot as ever in a key role as Marian's employee in charge of party planning and management, delivering her patented anal sex and having two sex scenes in a row before disappearing from the narrative, a rather clumsy construction. Similarly, in the latter half of the feature Sean suddenly abandons the narrative build-up to take time out to successively service three women in the bedroom (while the party is going on outside) with no rhyme or reason presented, including big natural breasts Black actress Naomi, star Johnnie Black sporting a pixie hairdo as well as thick-accented Sharon Michaels.

Surprisingly cast in a good-guy role is Mark Davis, brother of the bride who gets a sensual blow job from Chloe. Picture's first sex scene seems tacked on as an afterthought, as Fairlane humps Randy West, but West never reappears again and is not at the party. Mr. Marcus arrives at the party late at night (sky is pitch black), but later scenes at the party appear to be twilight (for lighting purposes), more in line with the title positing it at 6:00 p.m.

Full cast credits include an odd one for "Sophie and her twin Aline", but I didn't spot any twins at all, perhaps fleeting extras during the party scenes.

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