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  • Bruce Seven is a sloppy pornographer, most famous for cranking out dozens of forgettable BDSM features. He feels compelled to throw in an irrelevant bondage scene in THE ENCHANTRESS, but otherwise this is an entertaining surprise.

    A magic amulet, whose presence is like an aphrodisiac, is the fantasy gimmick, made palatable by a fine cast. Title character is played by Heather Wayne and the episodic sex scenes are linked together in the usual La Ronde fashion.

    Christy Canyon, in whose honor this video has been reissued on DVD by Alpha Blue, has a standout sex scene with Peter North. Gina Valentino and Erica Boyer also have their moments, and despite some continuity errors the story holds one's interests for most of its duration. Kinkiest moment occurs when Boyer sticks Ben Wa balls up Gina's posterior.

    Seven can't resist ruining his built-up good will by staging a cornball orgy at the end, but like so many hacks of his generation, he unwittingly thought that group- sex was the greatest thing since chopped liver.