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  • Adding new footage of Honey Wilder as a gypsy fortuneteller helps lift this compilation video above the usual rut of loop-carrier porn movies.

    She puts the sex scenes into the context of tarot cards, each one representing a different card to be illustrated. Screen credits are deficient, as some of the best players here go unidentified, probably because they aren't big names like star Christy Canyon (her scene being mundane).

    One classic vignette serves as the video's finale, to illustrate the card "The Moon". Kevin James and an unnamed actress do a fabulous job of pantomime as patrons in a porn movie theater, who end up masturbating separately (after a would-be masher is sent packing by the lady) and then having sex in the audience. The use of the unseen XXX movie's dialog track as counterpoint to the silent trio is excellent.

    Wilder's narration, given a slight echo-chamber effect, buoys up more routine scenes, such as a threesome representing "The Devil" in which a modicum of suspense is generated as a gun-toting presumably cuckolded husband Herschel Savage draws a gun on humper Tom Byron with his lady, before joining in for an impromptu threesome.

    For comic relief, Joey Silvera is most amusing (his usual improvising) as a plumber who poses as the rich householder to deflower interior decorator Christy Canyon, representing the card "The Fool".

    This one was reissued on an Alpha Blue Archives 3-fer DVD saluting Wilder.