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  • She's the beautiful 4'10" oriental girl in several scenes. She's wonderful. She holds her own with the great Janine & Chasey Lain too. This flick has more of a plot than most adult films. Very good job by director Toni English.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Shame on you Vivid.

    For years I boycotted your products due to lack of proper heat and a tendancy for doing too much "couples-friendly" adult films, not catering to the "raincoater" audience. But over the years I started getting into your products, mostly more "recent" (i.e. Y2K) releases as well as your 4-hour compilations (often the only way to find specific scenes since most of your pre-DVD catalogue is discontinued).

    Lethal Affairs is a "classic" (of sorts) of the mid-90s condom-clad couples-friendly shot-on-film product very typical of Vivid for the time. It has a great cast, a decent enough script (although the plot gets easily confused throughout the film) and very competent production values.

    Normally I would have rated this film a few more stars but Vivid decided to omit / censor completely the final/last scene between Monique DeMoan and Jon Dough. I recall seeing the film on VHS and this final scene was what saved the film in my opinion, the rest of the sex scenes being either lesbian girl-on-girl (for I would say about 40% of the total sex actually seen on-screen) or rather tepid, considering that gonzo was already well established at the time.

    When Vivid decided to re-release the film on DVD and digital platforms (streaming, pay-for-play, download, etc), the cut out the final scene betwen Jon and Monique, rendering their involvement in this film strictly "non-sex". And it's a damn shame too because Monique is absolutely stunning, and she even manages to coax a bit of life out of the usually "sleep through my scenes" Dough.

    Alas, for no apparent reason and no warning whatsoever, Vivid decided to cut this scene from the DVD re-release, filling out the remainder of the disc with, quite honestly, forgettable and useless "bonus features".

    Shame on you Vivid!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This babe was a Vivid video follow-up as #Celeste, #Dasha, #Dyanna, #Felecia, #Jenteal, #Nikita Denise, #Tia Bella and #Taylor Hayes. She has a beautiful face and incredible body without forgetting a certain lust for the things. She excels with men or women. Compared to all others, she was maybe the best athlete of the band and it's easy to understand why she was the flag face of the company! If most of her friends have stopped acting and disappeared smoothly, like Janine, she made a come back and it was a bit disastrous. I haven't still don't understand how such a gorgeous babe can become such a ugly MILF but that's the point among other bad habits… So cherish her golden period because she was really on the top!

    However this video is disappointing: the background is original as it's a spy porn movie with the firm, assassinations, hidden meeting and secret files… The problem is that the hot scenes are badly directed, edited and except the big names, the other girls aren't exciting! The multiple angles just destroy the pace of the action and at the end, Chasey is just a fine body with a head hidden in hairs!