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  • While it was extremely popular in Japan, people in North America really don't seem to like this series: the idea behind it is a little, well, odd. A rock and roll band called 'Fire Bomber' fight evil alien forces with the power of their music in between performances. I admit that it's hardly as deep and serious as other Macross titles, but I don't think it's supposed to be. It's so bizarre that it ends up being entertaining and enjoyable. (At least I think so.) While the original series has been called repetitive, the OAV (Macross 7: Dynamite!) isn't this way at all. The animation is much more impressive, and there's all new songs. Angel Voice is one of the best. The premise is an environmental sort of adventure, based on Moby Dick. With his rock & roll music, Basara must save a group of 'Galaxy' whales from poachers, and there's a gruff old giant named Graham (captain Ahab?) who keeps trying to kill the biggest white whale for himself. Okay, it does sound hilarious. It IS hilarious: but somehow it works. The action is good, the voice acting is great, and there are some surprising plot twists. I think you'll either love it or you'll hate it. (In my case, I loved it!)
  • In this anime OVA, the main guitarist of Fire Bomber abandons his bandmates, going on a journey around the galaxy with nothing but guitar, which surprises no one with this bold action. This story is short, but it's packed with wonderful goodness and about understanding others, as the main guitarist tries to calm down a space whale. While I enjoy this series, nothing much really happens, generally, which is why this is getting the current rating.