Frank Whaley has referred to this movie as "semi-autobiographical."

Near the end of the movie where Henry is making an attempt to tell Joe how much he really cares, the lullaby music coming form the ice cream truck was unintentional. But Whaley liked the way it felt, so he left it in.

Val Kilmer gained a significant amount of weight for his role as an abusive alcoholic father.

Noah Fleiss (April 16, 1984) is two months younger than Peter Tambakis (February 15, 1984) who plays Joe Henry five years younger

John Leguizamo was originally set to direct the film, but after being cast as Jorge as well, as serving as executive producer, Frank Whaley stepped in as director as well as staying on as a producer.

The working title of the film was "Pleasant View" during pre-production.

Both Nicolas Cage and John Travolta turned down the role of Bob Henry.

A Sussex-Wantage Rams basketball T-shirt is featured. The film 'Daymaker (2007)' was shot in Sussex-Wantage and actress Catie LiTrenta played for the same junior high school team years earlier. She once sent a fan letter to Frank Whaley while residing in this town.