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  • Lets see having been one of the women chosen to have sex with Jon Dough. I was thrilled. Having seen Jon in numerous videos before like Michael Ninn's SEX I was thrilled to be working with him. I am in the scene with 10+ other girls on the playset waiting our turn to have the 2.5 minutes of sex with Jon. 2.5 minutes wasn't even enough to get my juices started let alone looking like I was. I was left frustrated and horny. World's Luckiest Patient and Jock made up for that though
  • What more can I say. jon Dough directs himself in every man's fantasy. Over a hundred hot ladies who need stuffed!! Filmed at a mansion, Jon undergoes fem therapy while playing tennis, cooking, etc. The scene where he is at the grill giving out free sausage is just great. Jon, you are the MAN!!!!!