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  • This is a series hosted by Pierre Nadeau which allows the viewer to look into history at some of the most important trials that happened in Canada.

    I've only seen one part of this series, but I really loved it and found it very useful in not only the personal research I was doing, but also in discovering how our court worked in a different time.

    The one I watched was the tenth in the series, which was the trial of Aurore Gagnon's stepmother. Very moving, and very accurate, according to my research.

    Anyone who likes court shows should like this series, as it also helps to discover Canadian history. I would recommend it for anyone who either has an interest in court cases or is researching something specific that included a court session.

    Here is a complete list of all the parts of the series: (Vol. 1) The Tuxedo Kid affair (v. 2) The Pitre woman (v. 3) Father Delorme (v. 4) The Mesrine affair (v. 5) Fred Rose (v. 6) The Dion affair (v. 7) The Beaudry affair (v. 8) Ginette Couture-Marchand (v. 9) The Chapdelaine widow affair (v. 10) The young Aurore affair.

    I hope that anyone who decides to watch the series likes it. It really is very fascinating and informative.

    Remember that all the parts in the series are re-makes of real cases that happened in Canada. I don't know how big the show's budget was, but they obviously made good use of it. The setting and stuff is very realistic. The actors all do a great job, too.

    I don't know what all the cases are about, but if they deal with grave situations, as the tenth one does, be warned that they can be difficult to watch.

    Not recommended for children or sensitive viewers.