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  • My mom got me hooked on this show. It's very well done. My mom lived during the 60's... ahem. And I believe she befriended a girl who was black. Though when she stuck up for that person, the teachers docked my mom via her grades. Bad bad bad. This show seems real enough. Right thru the modern scenes. I like what they did with the black and color flashbacks.

    The only thing I was disappointed in was the final seasons. The original girls who played Rene and M. E. Were far better than their dull replacments. :(

    From the look of it, they replaced them in the final years with better known actresses, perhaps in an effort to save the show. Bad mistake.
  • Quite frankly the first assessment of this show and these girls couldn't be anymore wrong. A white girl and a black girl being friends may have been unlikely but unbelievable is something different. What the person making the first comment should have recognized and applauded was that they were friends in spite of what was going on in the "real world". In 1960 it was older white men and women like Mary Elizabeth who helped (as much as possible) to change the mistreatment of black people. Nonetheless, we are all entitled to our opinions, no matter how off the mark they maybe. For me, the show was wonderful and I am hoping and waiting for it to come out on DVD with all the other television shows.
  • maggagie127 November 2003
    I love this show! i watch it every night on lifetime in reruns. great story lines, i love the flashbacks. wonderful tale of friendship between two women. i would love to see this released on dvd with commentary from the creator and stars. the show pushed the envelope in some of the story lines they chose to tell. excellent!
  • I remember myself just sitting at home, flicking through all these cliche programs. I just fell upon a KKK meeting in black and white. I find such an interest in how these people feel they are doing a service for "their" country when all they do is disgrace our forefathers. Anyway, from that day on, I got hooked to it. It's just so realistic. It tackles so many common problems. I just loved it. Yeah, yeah, I'm a guy, but it's such a cool program. I got it here on Lifetime Networks but it comes on at around 1:30 AM to 2:30AM. Lately getting cut off by trashy and ridiculous infomercials. Anyway, if you catch an episode, just look at it. It's so... Powerful. I love the original girls that played the young Mary-Elizabeth and the young Rene. They were better than their replacements. I love Lorraine Toussaint, she just showed a power in her character, but she also had that weakness. It's hard to describe, but she great. ME played by Annie Potts is also wonderful. If nothing else, it's awesome to see their relationship and how long its been together. Even through the stupidity of segregation, they survived. This is getting too long. Long story short, I love the show. I hope that Colliar Sims (young and old) work on some new projects. As well as ME and Rene. Kelly is a nice character. Davis is okay. Ajoni is interesting. Joe, that's a hilarious guy right there. CATCH THE SHOW PEOPLE, you'll love it.
  • I really love this show it's funny, heart warming & good enough to watch . Annie Potts is a stunning actress & a talented comedian as well as Lorriane Toussaint. The little girls are very good performers reflecting life in the 60's . There are many shows about close girlfriends like "The Golden Girls " & "Kate & Allie " but Any Day Now is the best.
  • cmercado924 August 2003
    I just started watching The Show around July. I found it by mistake, I was channel surfing during a Vacation. It is a great show, I just wish it wasn't on so late at night. It's on at 12:30 AM. As a working person it makes it hard to watch all the time.

    I read some comments. I did not agree with the late one about not growing up in the 60's and not believing that this stuff can happen.

    I grew up in the 60's. I'm Hispanic and I had a "White" boyfriend plus we had black friends in High School. I believe people get along because of their interests and personalities and it has nothing to do with being a certain race or color.

    I can't wait till the show goes on DVD so I can buy it. This way I can see it from the beginning.
  • Normally, I pretty much dislike anything that comes on Lifetime due to the fact that most of their show's come off as being anti-male. However, this is a wonderfully written show and it is more than just about the relationship of two young girls that grew up in the final days of segregation. Annie Potts is delightful as M.E. and Lorraine Touissant is wonderful as Rene. Touissant's performance on the show is even more incredible due to the fact that she was only a child when the flashbacks occurred. Also, Chris Mulkey is great as Collier. Even though he tries to be a tough talking beer drinker, he still gives Collier a sense of vulnerabillty. This show definitely breaks Lifetime's reputation for "man bashing" and show's that they can produce a great show.
  • I had never seen the show "Any Day Now" until I did "extra" work on the show last month. I had seen advertisements of the show and was interested in seeing it. While doing the "extra" work I found the cast to be pleasant. Annie Potts is an outstanding actress who shows the quality of a veteran actor. After spending the day on the sets and then viewing the current show I was impressed with the concept of the show which made me want to watch it every Tuesday night. I hope this show stays around and grows into a familiar show to many.
  • OK, for starters,'s obvious that you are young, and misinformed, as well as undereducated. How would you know what life was like back then, except for what you've read and been told? Please put some SERIOUS consideration into looking up both liberal and propaganda in the dictionary, and be more careful about how you use words; if you don't know the meaning, don't use them! As for correcting you on your "opinion", you're welcome to it, just think before you speak, or you come across as a silly little girl.

    To Ann Bowman...are you SURE you were watching Any Day Now??? The show's writers are ALL veterans of the business, and the point was the friendship itself, through all their personal issues, be it the times, family, or just differences of opinion. As for it being based on what's "fresh with Oprah fans", unless it's a DAILY show, it would be impossible to keep up.

    To yourself what you want, the flag got burned, people were killed for the color of their skin, and however you word it, racism is racism...and the South LOST..GET OVER IT!!!

    and lastly, to rvajs...try watching more than one show...
  • This show was not only great human drama but portrayed racism in this country in a raw, all too true to life manner. When one show can be so witty and entertaining and yet so poignant and educational all at once, this is television in its highest form. The acting was phenomenal. The writing was exceptional. Not only did the show portray race relations in a straightforward manner that seems unmatched by any other television series, but its ability to depict this subject matter as it existed in the 1960's alongside how it exists in the beginning of the twenty-first century powerfully demonstrates the ways we have changed, and sadly, the many more ways we have not.
  • I would give this television series a 10 plus if i could. The writers were "smack on" and I think the best actors and actresses were a bonus to the show.These characters were so real. One could tell that from the two main actresses Ms. Toussaint & Ms. Potts that their relationship on & off camera was genuine It didn't just end when you hear those familiar words "Cut" at the end of a "Take". The show has thought me a lot about life for e.g. Historical struggles, tragedies and triumphs,relationships,every day situations, every household have same situations no matter who the members are, it really came down to just being a wonderful family show that at the end of every episode, you can just sit on your living room couch and say to yourself "now what did i learn from this particular episode".

    I must say I have taped most of the episodes and i find myself watching them over and over again.

    Now you know why I gave it a 10+!!
  • Kudos to the writers and actors for making Any Day Now the most addicting show on tv. Every show brings up discussions that we like to talk about around the water cooler at work. What an excellent concept to have the flashback episodes of just a splash of color dotted here and there. Its a true inspiration and I am looking forward to the new series in anticipation. Long may it reign on tv. Thank you Lifetime!
  • This show is wonderful! The cast the storylines, they are unseen to my eyes. The direction of the show was well done too, but I'm upset to see that it was cancelled or whatever happened to it. Reneé's issues with men and other people in the Black community was very realistic. They drew upon topics that people are scared to talk about and I admire that. I wish people could be that open about race relations and the systematic injustices that still exist for ALL minorities. With this show, it's not just a Black/White issue. Other ethnic groups are affected as well. Beyond that, the comparison of one era of racial tension to another is superb. Many think that just because some laws are changed and it's an openly integrated society that all is well. This show proves correctly that discrepancies still exist whether people are aware of it or not. Shows like this do not often succeed, because no one wants to be told what's still wrong with society when it comes to race relations. Kudos to the cast and the crew for this excellent show.
  • LittleRascal-156 September 1999
    I love this show, not just becuase I know the girl who plays Kelly Sims, I think this is one of the best shows ever. I love Annie Potts, she is great. This is a great show about friendship. I like the flashbacks when they were children. I give "Any Day Now" 10 stars!
  • This show was the best i found it one day while watching lifetime it was the first episode it was the best show i have ever seen because it helps us understand no matter how bad things get like racism and etc that there is always something good to come out of everything bad.and it is good that it is a show about two women one black one white and how the had overcome that rift in their friendship and how all the stars in the show help overcome the problems Annie Potts is great as M.E.another show like any day now is the golden girls and designing women but any day now is the best i am always around to see even the reruns of the show and if I'm not i have my vcr set to tape them.
  • It's so very refreshing to have two women, one black and one white, as friends and it is not in a witless comedy. After all the black men/white men pairing, this is hopeful. There seems to be a hint that perhaps Rene will become involved with her law partner. But the writers are treading ever so carefully.

    Funny that people think that it is the white woman/black man that is objected to in America, but from what I see it is the white man/black woman combination that is the taboo.

    Television can do so much good and I believe this is the first step. Everyone is excellent in this show. It has a past, a present and it definitely has a future in my book. I'll write letters as people did with Cagney and Lacy to keep it on the air.

    You go girls.
  • shannonnavarro26 October 2020
    This ahow 1998-2002. I was 13. Today I am 35. It seems like our country was on the right track in the beginning of the millenium. After 20 years, I thought racism discrimination & hate would have abaded by now, not become worse. I love history. There is always a wholesome message and I always learn something about the 1960's generation. I don't want you to get the wrong impression of this show. When I watch "Any Day Now" I feel happy and safe. It is my way to escape from the world. Afterwards, I always feel uplifted.
  • ajmcguire-337193 December 2018
    I watched this show as a teenager and loved it. My aunt asked me about it recently so I revisited it. I ended up still loving it. Great show for adults and adolescents alike.
  • baert_kris12 October 2001
    It's only the second season over here but so far it's the best TV drama I have ever seen. The actors are great ! I can't count the times I sat and watched with tears in my eyes. It's a real emotional roller coaster.
  • Although "gal pal" shows are not uncommon, most are presented as sit-coms , i.e. Cybill, I Love Lucy, Laverne and Shirley, etc. This show presents an adult female friendship that has evolved out of childhood into adulthood. This aspect of the series is , to me, the most appealing facet of the show. No doubt that the stand against racism and the exploration of the differences between the family woman and the successful career woman help to shape the show's character, but the friendship is the heart of the program and the main reason I tune in each week.
  • jkay-5879424 December 2020
    Love the show! Want to buy all seasons on DVD but cant find it anywhere! Wish they would start streaming it or airing on tv again.
  • marianne-11122 August 2008
    I loved this show. I was waiting for it to come out on never has. Does anyone know how to get the show available on DVD? I have contacted Lifetime TV and a few others and nothing. Please let me know if there is a way we can have this series on DVD. Iwould be first in line to purchase it. I really got hooked on this show. I do not understand how a bunch of other TV shows are available on DVD but not Any Day Now. I am sure there are many of us out there who would love to have this series on DVD or even VHS. I thought of contacting the production company. Has anyone else out there tried to contact anyone for this information?
  • The voice of the female singer of the show's theme song sounds so very much like Lorraine. I heard somewhere that Lorraine did sing the theme although the biography information of the show indicates this is not the case. Does anyone else hear this startling similarity?? And, can anyone absolutely dispel my belief that it is Lorraine singing the theme?? I love this show...did not see any of the series when it originally ran, but I now TIVO every airing and watch them year after year. And just as I feel sure I have seen each and every show, there will appear one I have not seen. The casting directors did an amazing job in finding children actors that without question could have been the real characters.
  • OK - it's finished its run and its rerun run. Now I hope to secure rights to broadcast the series in Rockford, Illinois. I plan to pair it with an interactive reality TV show called "Come Together" which will originate from a dozen living rooms and be watched by a thousand small groups - diverse groups - who will participate in dialogue regarding the "hot buttons" in each week's episode. Dialogue, not discussion - which rhymes with percussion and concussion and is about who wins - whose ideas preveal. DIALOGUE - likened to sitting by a stream - a flow of ideas - suspending your own beliefs (being willing to examine your own beliefs) working for shared meaning. The goal: to bring Rockford, which is polarized, together. I need to know how to get the rights, and I am looking for help in producing "Come Together." Email me if you might help in this project. When it works, it will transform the world - beginning in Rockford. Currently, I'm planning to prepare a simulation of to put on DVD and use it to pitch the concept.
  • The confederate flag burning episode simply ended any interest in the Lifetime channel or the products of its' sponsors. Not a racist or a klansman or anything but a Southerner who knows the history of the flag, I am not going to be insulted by this sort of second reconstruction misinformation.
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