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  • ..."standard style" is no dis, however, as Henri's (and the veteran cast's) level of professionalism is still in the ranks of the Best in the Adult Industry. Given that, it's all my place, after the show, there wasn't a dry lap in the house! *Best scene:Joey Silvera and Heidi Kat in a training session. Why: Joey's told to use a vibrator on Heidi in a way that, as she said, was "OOOOH! That's SO NASTY!" ...and she wasn't acting out the lines, can you dig it?- I knew that you could! Misc. Trivia: This video was shot before Heidi pumped up her boobs from cute and perky to medicine ball size. Additionally, all the toys & training aids were put to such obscenely rigorous use, rumor was that even the batteries were using stunt doubles!