Casanova (1993)

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17 July 2015 | lor_
Hot sex but mediocre video
Mediocre is how I describe the work of porn director Fred J. Lincoln, whose lengthy Adult Entertainment career has produced no notable films or videos, and I've seen dozens of them since the 1970s. CASANOVA starring Rocco Siffredi is typical: Fred and his partner Patti Rhodes-Lincoln applied minimal effort to the project, which is accompanied by several sequels.

Rocco is an excellent choice for the title role. Unlike previous CASANOVA in XXX, John Holmes, he possesses an ever-ready erection, his dick pointed skyward without provocation. That yields here one classic scene, an extraneous flashback in which he humps beautiful little freckled redhead Flame on a stairway in a thoroughly arousing sequence worthy of anthologizing for posterity.

But the basic story of this video and its concept are beneath contempt. Apparently to save a buck (even the desultory Holmes version had some production values) this is not a period piece but just a 100 years after set in porno-land L.A., California. Ms. Rhodes didn't even get this simple datum right - it would be 200+ years after Giacomo made his rep back in Europe.

Premise is that Casanova and his exotic sister Cassandra (Tabatha Cash, like Rocco better seen in her Euro porn assignments than as imported talent to America) have lost their inherited luster and no longer instantly attract members of the opposite sex. Script has no back-story and doesn't even pause to let us know whether they are descendants or immortals.

Besides the A-1 flashback of Flame, Cash has a flashback having sex in her bathroom with her maid, busty blonde Bridgette Monroe.

In the live action, Randy West tags along, not given a characterization, as Rocco's buddy, and he gets a sex scene. It is clear that Mr. Lincoln and Ms. Rhodes adhere to the pernicious Porn Principle that all that matters in a porn feature is the hot sex - an idiotic notion (with the vast quantity of titles available one has to do more to set oneself apart from the pack) that has persisted since the earliest days of the 1970s.

To this end, they deliver another really hot scene: Casanova's secretary Skye Blue having a poolside lesbian tryst with BFF Tracy West culminating in a very well-executed double dong dildo mutual humping. I had just seen them team up in Ron Sullivan's PANTIES, also cast as a lesbian couple, but Skye's breasts are much larger this time around.

Tina Tyler, always a reliable performer, completes the program as a charity worker who visits Rocco to deliver tickets to an event. While the running gag here is that Skye won't give her boss a tumble, leading to a loss of self-esteem for the great C (oh, boo hoo!), Tina in the last reel reinvigorates the old cocks-man. A subplot of Skye mentioning to Tracy that she hopes to secure a sperm donation from Rocco so as to conceive a baby for the lesbian duo to raise holds some meager hope for an interesting moment in one of the sequels.

Videography by Ralph Parfait is good as usual, but the sound recording is a bit amateurish, amplifying incidental noises in an effort to make sure we can hear Rhodes' priceless dialog.

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