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  • As a first feature film an interesting endeavour, but also not very successful and unconvincingly scripted. At moments the story hardly develops in a logical way, e.g.: how can the 3 brothers - with 2 of them wounded - get away at all with 4 policemen after them?; should not the father have been surveyed by the police? These and other weak points in the script make the action hard to accept. However, a number of individual scenes are fine to watch.

    Director Lars Kraume shows that he may be become a director to be reckoned with, although his copying of the style of Tom Tywker (the structure of the film at least reminded me of Tom Tywker's "Lola Rennt") shows that he still has to find a more personal style.
  • This gangster-film is very poorly fulfilling the diction of the genre. The script offers neither suspense nor humor. The only good part is the relaxed sometimes swinging, sometimes funky soundtrack by the German band "DIE STERNE".