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  • A truly atrocious "comedy" script by Cash Markman is on display in this insufferably chintzy combination of loop carrier/anti-censorship tract. It's the worst feature by Jim Enright with Jonathan Morgan I've seen.

    Randy West stars as a dumb FBY agent, sent by boss Steve Drake to entrap a big porn movie mogul. Morgan as the mogul is stuck with unfunny dialog in a lousy performance.

    When not getting preachy about the Bush administration's right-wing policies, specifically to stamp out porn and abolish abortion, Markman's script has idiotic in-jokes and repetitious mocking of one of porn's corniest stand-bys: sex with the pizza delivery guy (or gal). A lot of the running time consists of watching porn scenes on cable or VHS or being shot by Morgan.

    As usual with a Markman scripted-movie, IMDb has character names not listed on screen, where Sierra and busty Sheila Stone are actually credited as "Starlet of adult video" and "Large Breasted Starlet" respectively.

    Picture is set right before the 1992 election, and West has a monolgue at the end mocking right-wing attitudes, still remarkably current 28 years later (getting rid of abortion rights as well as stacking the Supreme Court). But rather than amusing satire what we get here is amateurish obviousness, run into the ground.